Friday, March 1, 2013

Putting the Chaos back into Chaos

Oh wow, I'm excited.   Mono Gods, a lot more unpredictability. Some cool models, some bad models. rules changes, not really sure about, but should be fun.

It's Daemons Jim, but not as we know it.

The important thing is to wipe the slate clean and forget everything you once knew about daemons because it has all changed. It's not 100% reliable as before. There are some nastier things in the book but they are a whole lot more randomer...and you pay for them.

Things to keep in mind, going to need more furies, lots more, They are the only really mobile chaff and you can raise even more of them every phase. and Lots more daemons from the Damon lore attributes.

Going to need a stack of extra daemons. I feel like a VC general.

Random Charts. Cross between Warriors and Orcs& Goblins on Speed.

If Nurgle lore is the same as WoC book it means there are a lot of inbuilt augments/hexes and taking a level 4 GUO would maybe be a good boon for.

GUO level 4 lots of gifts
Nurgle BSB
Nurgle Herald
2 units of Plaguebearers
3 Beasts of Nurgle Chaff
2 x 5 Drones

Slaaneshi maybe interesting as the Slaaneshi lore is pretty good.

2 x Herald of Slaanesh(BSB)
2 x 40 Daemonettes
2 Chariots
1 unit of 3 fiends
Exalted chariot
2 units of 5-10 seekers

Khorne list should pack some punch, but need to maneouvre to break enemies and get combined charges off.
2 Skullcannons
2 Heralds 1BSB
2 units of Lettters
2 units of 5 Fleshounds with ambusd
3 x 5 Furies

Tzeentch will be fun with the Str6 shennigans
3 heralds of Tzeentch
3 units of 30 Horrors
2 Flaming Chariots
2 x 3 Screamers

Maybe some flamers (I have 20)

Or go with a mix of what seems to be the strongest. GUO is T7 but still susceptable to cannon fire. Breath weapon spell will help in combat, maybe even giving the heralds the breath weapon as well to add in a lot more hits in close combat. -1 to hit in close combat is by far the best attribute there is.
GUO level 4
2 Heralds of Nurgle
2 Plaguebearer units,
2 Skull cannons
3 Beasts of Nurgle
3 Units of Furies.
1 unit of 3-5 drones
and whatever else fits.

I've got most of the miniatures to do all 3 and know what I need to get so I can finally finish off my Chaos  Daemons army.
2 x30 daemonettes plus filler
2x 20 Plaguebearers plus filler
1 x 5 seekers
20+ Furies (avatars of war here I come)
2 sKull Kannons(Konversions of Kourse)
2 x 3 Drones
4 Chariots of Slaanesh kits
2 Flaming chariots of Tzeentch

Maybe. I like the book and may even try 3 Hordes of Bloodletters with Heralds and 2 cannons, it's only 174 points more expensive than it was before and the Skull Cannons make up for it in what they probably should have costed. They are underpriced but so is most of the Skaven stuff, bloodletters should have maybe fgone up 1 point but as they are they're not as good as plaguebearers. In the end it's not a point and click as it was and requires thinking on one's feet. Overall I like it. Could have done with some mundane magic items and more tailored gifts...*sigh*. Stop the press, you can choose from the BRB a magic weapon up to the value of the gift if you don't like the gift you roll.

Chaos is Fickle.

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