Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mangler Squigs and the new Pure Tzeentch

Guess what these are?

Spitball is anaesthetised and ready for Surgery.
Cut and ready for heart transplant implant.
Surgery for the legs.
So my wife had this great idea for proxying mangler squigs, so recruiting my modelling skills we have embarked on Project Spitball.
Doctor Sam is in the house and it's a mess.
Using my dremel to carve some Sphinx legs to add to spitball volunteer number one.

One is finished, Mwahahaha.

Surgery complete.

Dynamically posed. All they need is greenstuff and some paint.

Got Dandruff?

Plastic exfoliated all over the table and floor.

This is my first try at a pure 8th edition Tzeentch Fluffy list going up against Fern's Night Goblins.

Fluffy Tzeentch, on par with night goblins if the LoC doesn't suck itself down a hole.

Like a good VC general, all my resurrection pool horrors.


Flame on!

And finally, the lengths she will go, here is Fern's quick reference sheets, in her army colours no less.


  1. Out of curiosity, I checked online for the Squig... NZ$113 each, and you have made 2. So you've just saved yourself > NZ$200, for the cost of a couple of kids rubber toys?

    I'd call that a win for sure!

    Nice dandruff by the way, kudos for that! ;-)

    1. Fern got them for $3 apiece at the warehouse, Along with some freebouncy balls to give the some consistancy to the core. Some greenstuff that arrived today I'm going to sculpt in muscles and fix the gaps in the head and gve the whole things texture. then it'll be over to Fern to paint.