Monday, March 18, 2013

GW declare war on Bitz services

This is taken from Dakka.
Here is a link to the PDF on Google Docs:
Here's the section, some mod may want to put this on the first page.

For the reasons set forth below, Retailers are not permitted to remove GAMES WORKSHOP
product from its original packaging or otherwise break such products into components prior to
resale. In recent years, GAMES W ORKSHOP has observed a practice among some Retailers in
which GAMES W ORKSHOP products are removed from their original packaging for the purpose of
reselling separately individual, unmarked components. This practice is now prohibited for the
following business reasons:

Protection of Brand Image: GAMES W ORKSHOP’s original packaging, which
bears GAMES W ORKSHOP’S trademarks and copyrighted imagery, is specifically
designed to be consistent with GAMES W ORKSHOP’s established brand image.
The resale of GAMES W ORKSHOP products (or components thereof) in unmarked
or generic packaging is inconsistent with that brand image and can serve to
devalue the product.

Protection of GAMES WORKSHOP’S Intellectual Property: Through its use of
GAMES W ORKSHOP’s trademarks and copyrighted imagery, the original packaging
provides clear and reliable identification of the product as a genuine GAMES
W ORKSHOP product. The sale of GAMES W ORKSHOP products (or components
thereof) in unmarked or generic packaging, if left unchecked, can be injurious to
GAMES W ORKSHOP’s intellectual property rights.

Avoidance of Confusion: The resale of GAMES W ORKSHOP products (or
components thereof) in unmarked or generic packaging also can lead to
confusion as to whether the product being sold is a genuine GAMES W ORKSHOP
product or a generic imitation. Such confusion is detrimental to the GAMES
W ORKSHOP brand and the intellectual property rights that protect it.

Ensuring Proper Labeling: GAMES W ORKSHOP’s packaging and labeling is
specifically designed to inform the Consumer as to the contents, quality and
safety of the product he or she is purchasing. When GAMES W ORKSHOP products
(or components thereof) are sold separately in unmarked or generic packaging,
the Consumer does not receive this valuable labeling information at the point of
sale. Preservation of the original packaging and labeling prior to resale,
therefore, ensures that the Consumer is receiving accurate and reliable product

Uniformity in Product Configurations: GAMES W ORKSHOP products are
packaged and sold in certain configurations designed to appeal to the Consumer
and maximize the marketability of the products. Such configurations are an
integral part of GAMES WORKSHOP’S marketing strategies that drive consumer
expectations. The resale of components in unmarked or generic packaging
undermines those strategies and the ability of GAMES W ORKSHOP to offer a
uniform line of products to the marketplace.


To the extent GAMES WORKSHOP, in its sole discretion, should manufacture, package and
label individual product components, GAMES W ORKSHOP may make available such individual
components for resale only as originally packaged and labeled by GAMES W ORKSHOP. For the
reasons explained above, Retailers are prohibited from removing any individually packaged and
labeled GAMES W ORKSHOP components from their original packaging for the purpose of reselling
such individual components to Consumers. 


  1. The more people get pissed off with GW's prices, practices and policies the less people will bother to buy their products and play their games, there's plenty of other good games out there to play, and quality figures to match at a fraction the GW price.
    I wonder when they will realize this...

  2. Yeah, I wouldn't mind some of the new models, but I simply can't afford to order GW stuff at retail prices in NZ, Somethings have been marked up insanely and GW are running a protectionist racket not wanting me to order from overseas.

    1. Yep , Its almost as if they are deliberately trying to kill off gaming in AUS/NZ with their pricing here and restricted overseas buying practices....
      Time for something different?... Want to dig out those FOW troops? ;-)

  3. I got Kings of War and I got FoW and I got Pathfinder...and boardgames. I think I'll cope. You should check out Kings of war, I may run a few Kings of war games.