Friday, March 8, 2013

Skull Cannon of Khorne: Redux

Pyrovore Sans head. (jugger head replacement perhaps?

Chariot chassis.

Head from jugger and Bloodletter in Chariot.

Hrm.... interesting....


  1. I trust you would be able to source the bits you require to make such a conversion, and not have to buy 3 models to make one converted one!

  2. (Fern here) At least you're not his wife, seeing an email to notify that comments are posted, reading the blog post you hadn't realised he'd done, and wincing at the potential cost of said models... Some days I wish I didn't know what GW's prices were and was an ignorant wife... Sigh

  3. (Fern)

    My husband made me buy them! He forced me, honestly!

    1. I can source the Juggernauts and I have use for the steeds/beast in my Chaos Warriors and Beastmen armies. I have approximately 12,000 points for my daemons and am almost at the apex of models I find I will be happy with for my Daemon army.

  4. The concept looks good, but I also stagger at the price.