Sunday, March 18, 2018

Thanks Nuffle!

I've started playing Bloodbowl, having played 1 game 20 years ago and 1 last year I thought it was about time. The Festering Furuncles is a Nurgle Rotters team with some Mantic Zombies, old school 5th Edition chaos warriors and converted beastmen. Not to mention an Ancient Beast of Nurgle from the depths of time.

Festering Furuncles

Next is the Stompy Grinderz, they are again made up of old school 5th edition chaos warriors  and converted beastmen. Again there is an ancient miniature in here and it's the minotaur whose actual name is "Ox-Roar Chaos Champion of Ultimate Slaughter"
The Stompy Grinderz
My turn, scoring and reroll counters.

Huggable Cactus

My Daughter started her first blog today, she's a very talented painter, so her talents don't fall far from the tree. She's possibly a better painter than me. Her blog is Huggable Cactus and she's doing some commission work for Matt @ printable scenery whilst my son is learning about 3d printing.

This is a Ruined Porthouse from Printable Scenery painted by her with some Warhammer miniatures painted by me. For more pics head here

Yes, I'm painting Bretonnians again. Mostly for D&D though as they suck for Age of Sigmar, I'll use my Maggotkin for playing that.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Afrika Korps finished

One month later I have my 800 points for tournament done that I went to yesterday. I actually have 200 points left over as well for another squad, mortar and anti-tank rifle. I came second and was one hungarian mortar crewman away from winning the tournament. Curses. My Afrikakorps are based on the 15th Panzer division.

1000 points Afrikakorps
 I build a lightbox to take pictures finally and they're looking pretty good in the following pictures. These photos were taken with a Samsung S5.

Opel Blitz

Panzer III Ausf J with short barrel 50mm

Hanomag C



HQ, mortar, anti-tan
1st squad

2nd squad

3rd squad

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

DAK Army 15th Panzer Division 800 points

We're running an 800 point Tournament on the 75th anniversary of the 1st Battle of El Alamein. So I've decided to collect a themed force of 15th Panzer division DAK. I've got a Kubelwagaon, some Kradshutzen and a Truck to add to this force and I think it will not be as effective but nicely themed. I can always fall back on my Russians for ultra competitive play. I've also got extra enthusiasm as I'm particpating in Bolt action Facebook group competition to pledge to paint something in the Month of June.
DAK platoon so far featuring 2 x10squads of Heer infantry, a first lieutenant, a Panzer III Ausf J and a 251/1 Hanomag C

1st squad and HQ 2 man team, check out the radio.

Panzer III Ausf J (Warlord Games)

1st Squad

2nd Squad

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We Bare Bears of Konflict '47

My Soviet Ursus Infantry as inspired by Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears. At 22 pts each these are a steal, only need 3 more for an effective squad. I've played them once and they can tear apart Nacht Jager but run at the first sight of flames.

We so cute, we so cuddly.

In Soviet Russia, We Bare Bears rip you to shreds.

Grizz, the leader of the pack.

Panpan, in touch with his feelings.
Ice Bear will rip your face off.

All right back to my place vor beer and Vodka, Comrades!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Bull Mammoth

I bought my first K47 Russian Mammoth this week and was kind of disappointed looking at it and thinking this would be so much more awesome if it had 6 legs. I present to you the Bull Mammoth (Бычий мамонт). Thanks to Warlord Games for providing the extra legs free to complete my conversion for this Tank walker. I'm contemplating putting an even bigger gun on top because of the increased stability. This thing is even more unstoppable because if it loses 2 legs it can still walk across the battlefield. I'm think maybe a T54 with legs might be the next Medium walker I could attempt.
Underside of Chassis.

Underside of Chassis Carved out and some pvc piping and styrene rod added in. I was going to add washers but ultimately didn't need to.

side profile of chassis

Green stuff to cover up rough carving.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

K47 and Bolt Action Soviets Work In Progress

This is what I'm mostly playing at the moment. Bolt action and K'47 with my Russkies.