Monday, December 15, 2014

Assembling the Funky Pestilent Swarm.

I have been assembling miniatures when I get time from my Pestilent Swarm Box set.

Putrid Blightking Champion: these miniatures are amazing. There are at least a dozen heads and about 10 different bellies and multiple arms including right shield arms. This is just a pic of the champion, the Musician is a little tinkerbell, he is adorned in bells, is wielding a giant bell and has a bell suspended in his stomach cavity. Glorious Nurgle.

Morbidex Twiceborn, there is so much detail on this miniature, I can't wait to paint him. The Maggoth mount's head and belly, a pair of arms and the rider's torso are the different pieces available other than the core. It will definately make 3 ignificantly different models, which will be cool, once I get around to the other 2.

Plague Drone Champion: I picked up another 3 Plague Drones in the Pestilent Swarm box set and started adding bits for the command from the Blightking leftovers, of which there were a lot. This dude has the scythe and the Nurgle fish head, which kind of seemed out of sorts for the blightkings box but then again maybe not.

Friday, December 5, 2014

'twas the night before Inepticon

Only 1 more sleep to go and will be attending the fluffiest tournament ever.

Tournament pack, Army lists are here and so are round 1 matchups.

I'm going up against Bo again. I always have fun playing against Bo. He is an awesome sport who is always there to have fun. Bad news is he brought a White lion bus with Banner of the World Dragon, Good news is I brought not daemons. Goblins to smash the squishy elves. We've started the requisite facebook smacktalk and it got heated.

I've had a look at the minor objective cards Nick has put together and they look fantastic. Top secret cards like Big Game Hunter, Tax Collector. We're gonna have some great looking tables, free food. They're maybe some munchkin and there is a BBQ on Sunday.

Plus there are prizes or medals; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, sports, painted and Earl of Cardigan.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Nurgley goodness from across the sea.

I recently picked up a great deal from the funds generated by recent trademe auctions. The Pestilent Swarm
I recieved them from ebay store discount games for $225 including shipping, GW price is $365 and individually they add up to $454. Nice bargain there considering the exorbitent prices. I do want another 2 Maggoth Lords and the Glottkin though, and maybe another lot of the Putrid Blightkings Sprues as they are my favourite models in this release cycle, they are such a treasure trove of bitz.

 Once I've assembled them I've decided to run a theme list as my previous end times list I played against dorfs was rather nasty. This list would include warriors, beastmen and daemons and all of the miniatures from the Pestilent Swarm box set. Plus Gutrot Spume.

Morbidex Twiceborn and the Pestilent Swarm.

Morbidex Twiceborn 385
Gutrot Spume 250

Herald of Nurgle, Battle Standard Bearer, Wizard level 1: lore of Nurgle, Greater Gift

30 Gors of Nurgle with additional hand weapons and full command
27 Plaguebearers with full command

4 Nurglings
4 Nurglings
5 Putrid Blightkings with Full command, Banner of Swiftness

5 Plague Drones, Plague Proboscis with full command.

No Beasts, that's right, you heard me, no Beasts. All I have to do now is assemble them. Half the fun. Love it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gobbos of Last Resort: Inepticon '14

It's my first ranking tournament (this weekend) in over a year and I decided to take a goblin list. That's right, greenskins, and no Orcs: (Savage orc Shaman, Savage Orcs, Black Orc Warboss, Orc Bullies). This list isn't Hamish approved, it's not even Fern approved. Taking my son (Aidan) and my daughter (Evelyn) to their first tournament.

1    Goblin Warboss(65), Light Armour(3), Crown of Command(35), Enchanted Shield(5), Sword of Anti-heroes(30), Dawnstone(25), Gigantic Spider(50)     213
1    Night Goblin Great Shaman(140), Wizard Level 4(35), Lore:Little Waaagh    175

HEROES    Characters   
1    Goblin Big Boss(35), Shortbow(2), Light Armour(2) Shield(2), Battle Standard Bearer(25), Spider banner(85)    151
1    Night Goblin Shaman(50), Ruby Ring of Rhuin(25), Dispel Scroll(25)    100
5    Forest Goblin Spider Riders(65), Shortbows(5)    70
5    Forest Goblin Spider Riders(65), Shortbows(5)    70
39    Night Goblins(108), 3 Night Goblin Fanatics(75), Netters(45), Boss(10), Musician(10), Standard Bearer(10)    267
59    Night Goblins(177), 3 Night Goblin Fanatics(75), Netters(45), Boss(10), Musician(10), Standard Bearer(10)  Bows  317
SPECIAL    Special    
19    Night Goblin Squig Herd, 16 Cave Squigs(128), 3 Goblin Herders(9)    137
8    Trolls    280
1    Goblin Wolf Chariot    50
1    Goblin Wolf Chariot    50

RARE    Rare   
1    Doom Diver Catapult    80
1    Goblin Rock Lobber    85
1    Goblin Rock Lobber    85
1    Mangler Squig    65
1    Mangler Squig    65
1    Snotling Pump Wagon(45), Spikey Roller(15), Outrigga(10)    70
1    Snotling Pump Wagon(45), Spikey Roller(15), Outrigga(10)    70

Lords    388    16%
Heroes    251    10%
Core    724    30%
Special    417    17%
Rare    520    22%