Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wifey hijacks the blog! Night goblins for Natcon :)

Hey there,

So, I finally managed to steal some time to write up something for the blog.

I've play-tested my fairly pure 2500pt Night Goblin Natcon list against Sam's 8th Ed pure Tzeentch DoC list, and I'm almost happy with how it played - just a few tweaks I really need to make before submitting.  Oh yeah, and I won by 617 points, so not too bad for a girl ;)

Now just to paint the 90-odd models I still need to finish in time...  Not including the squigs still on their way in the post.

Level 4 NG Great Shaman (Feedback Scroll, Talisman of Preservation)  270 pts
NG Warboss (Light Armour, Crown of Command, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Striking, Talisman of Endurance)   143pts

NG Big Boss (BSB) (Great Weapon, Light Armour, Standard of Discipline)  76 pts
NG Big Boss (Great Weapon, Light Armour, Ironcurse Icon)  41 pts
4 x NG Big Boss (Great Weapon, Light Armour)  36 pts each
Level 1 NG Shaman (Scroll of Shielding)  65 pts
Level 1 NG Shaman (Dispel Scroll)  75 pts

3 x 20 Night Goblins ( Musician, 2 fanatics, hand weapons and shields)  120 pts each
2 x 60 Night Goblins (Full command, netters, hand weapons & shields)  225 pts each

2 x Squig Herds (7x Cave Squigs, 17x goblins)  107 pts each
4 Trolls  140pts

2 x Doom Diver  80 pts each
2 x Rock Lobber  85 pts each
2 x Mangler Squigs  65 pts each

Any opinions most welcome!  And yes, I know I could have higher leadership, better magic, stronger fighters, yada, yada, yada...  But I'm Orc-ist...  What else can I say?


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