Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Runefang Aftermath

Feeling very wiped out the day after Runefang. Never took the Portaloo and it even made for some fantastic cat and mouse tactics.

Drones dealing to the EOTG.

Round 1: 11-9 Vs Hamish Gordon (Skaven) Dawn Attack
Another game against Hamish. Sigh. Due to Hamish failing miserably at rolling dreaded 13th the whole game this was basically a war of attrition with me takin more points off of him and him not being able to kill Epidemius. My Furies were able to get into the rear of his army and clean up his Warp lightning cannon. Hamish fluffed most of his dreaded 13th casts which was good. We only got to round 4 and I probably would have cleaned up his bell with another 2 full game turns with my unit of beasts.  I would have had my Great Unclean one romping through into his unit of stormvermin or his bell in the final turn. My Beasts were awesome this game. I only wish it had gone on longer so I could end up with more points.

Epidimius (Survived on 1 wound)
Tally: Shiteloads of Skaven feed Papa Nurgle really Quickly.
MOTM: Great Unclean One, got the tally up early with a 20+ wound plaguewind, very nice.

Round 2: 20-0 Vs John Murrie (Dorfs) Blood and Glory
Poor John, we got the worst possible table for him and the best possible table for me. There is nothing quite like having two giant Sphinxes sitting in the middle of the table to block line of sight to Epidimius and the GUO. John castled in the middle and he got 1st turn and killed a beast with a Cannon and then it all went bad. On my first turn I charged my unit of beasts into one of his Troll slayers and then overran 11" into his big unit which then proceeded to eat the dorfs whilt they hit back with their stuff pillows. in the back yard his Gyrocopter managed to get one shot off before getting charged by a unit of furies, subsequently fleeing and being exterminated. Meanwhile Papa Nurgle was streamin up behind a Sphinx ready to get into John's flank. The Drones managed to shred a bit whilst I left a unit of 20 Plaguebearers with Epidemius hiding behond the Sphinx for the whle game. John had a really nicely painted dwarf army and was my best sports score for the weekend. Ended up on 3700 pts to 60 pts, so it was a 20-0 for me.

Epidemius (untouched)
Tally: Lots and lots of Dorfs fed the tally this game.
MOTM: Beasts, killed BSB, general, unit of hammerers, cannon and grudgethrower.

Round 3:  20-0 Vs Bo Peterson (Lizards) WatchTower
We rolled off and I got the watch tower which i proceeded to put 20 Plaguebearers in and then swap out for 30 later on. Light Magic didn't end up going very well for Bo as he ended up not being able to wound anything. the Engine of the gods I eventually ground down with my Drones and killed it without it doing much to my army.

Epidimius (untouched)
Tally: Lots and lots of Lizards died and maxed it out by turn 3
MOTM: Great Unclean one: Killing 28 Saurus and 1 Slann mage with an Eternal blade. Can even stomp Slann.

Round 4: 5-15 vs Pete Dunn (Skaven) Meeting Engagement
Pete had his Mojo on this tournament, or maybe it was just his wall of Skaven filth. It was fairly even other than me losing Epidemius and my GUO which ended up being the difference. I got outdeployed and made my GUO slug across the board to get killed on the way over the board. Need more Beasts up against Pete.

Epidemius (died on 5th turn)
Tally: Got to about 22 before epidemius died to poison shots after my GUO got poison shotted. Yay!
MOTM: bleh.

Round 5: 6-14 vs Sam Whitt (Kaos Dorfs) Battleline.
If my Great Unclean one hadn't sucked himself down a hole It would have faired a bit better, this was the one game I would have liked a dispoel scroll, losing 20 Plaguebearers to a Kaos Dorf Template of Str 5 Doom wasn't good. Although I managed to run the unit away from the K'dai preserving 800 points (BSB was in there). Managed a double 1 with one of my Plaguebearer unitss against his Bull Centaurs where I was losing combat and was able to charge a beast and win combat with them the next round, then mowed them down and evenutally he got his K'daii into my rear after I failed a charge and he rolled high for his charge.

Epidemius (untouched) in the far corner
Tally: about 24 before the end of the game. The Tauruk survived for way too many turns against my Beasts. He survived for way too long.
MOTM: Epidemius: Stood in the corner and counted.


I need more beasts. Units of 5 or 6, maybe 2 units of them. They shred stuff and take nothing back.

Portaloo wasn't needed in any games.

Epidemius is very tough and makes my beasts almost indestructable. Gives me loads of Threat options for my opponent to prioritise their targets.

Nurglings were okay, they could have done a bit better.

Furies I deployed on a couple of games way too wide but they did well.

Drones didn't do much but they are very hardy. For their footprint they are kind of unwieldy compared to the much more efficient beasts. I might always go for poison on these guys and possibly one more.

I could have been a bastard and taken Skullcannons to take out screaming bells, K'daii and engine of the gods. I may have been able to win the tournament with these. But I decided to go fully themed and it wasn't too bad in the end. Managed to shatter someone's dreams (poor Kent). I feel like his Villain.

I love the Reign of Chaos table. I ended up loudly pronouncing "REIGN OF CHAOS" at the start of each of my magic phases, especially when Papa had died towards the end of the tournament. Most of the time it was good for me and I even got some added Plaguebearers towards the end of the game against Pete.

In the end I managed to get Best Newcomer and equal 4th.If my GUO hadn't sucked himself down a hole I may have ended up with 2nd. But y'know Chaos is fickle. All in all a fun tournament.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Runefang VI Form Guide

Ok, I did this before last Tournament and this is the form of people attending this tournament based on their last years performance of the average of their best 3 games. This is pure numbers and isn't my picks for who will end up where. notice the Lizardmen up the top and the Dorfs down the bottom. Unranked haven't played a tournament in the last year.

Ranked Players

Rank Name Army score Attended Avg score 3 best
19 Pete Dunn  Skaven 184 2 92.00
5 Sam Whitt  Chaos Dwarfs 231 8 77.00
8 Mike King  Lizardmen 228.45 5 76.15
9 Mal Patel  Lizardmen 228.36 5 76.12
11 Joel van de Ven-Long  Empire 213.14 4 71.05
71 Sam Campbell  Daemons 69.33 1 69.33
45 Locky Reid  Beastmen 126.36 2 63.18
21 Hamish Gordon  Skaven 168.24 4 56.08
23 Jeff Kent  Lizardmen 164.67 3 54.89
85 Tane Woodley  Dorfs 52.5 1 52.50
86 Bo Paterson  Lizardmen 52 1 52.00
57 Glen Burfield  VC 98 2 49.00
92 Hugh Dixon  Daemons 48 1 48.00
31 James Millington  Chaos Warriors 141.45 4 47.15
32 Simon Switzer  Dorfs 141.21 5 47.07
112 John Tailby  Dark Elfs 29.82 1 29.82
61 Ryan Lister  VC 88.24 3 29.41
79 John Murrie  Dorfs 57 2 28.50
69 Matthew Hassall  Dorfs 72.73 3 24.24
70 Aaron Hodson  Ogre Kingdoms 72 3 24.00
122 Brendon Johnston  Beastmen 21.67 1 21.67
147 Fern Campbell  Orcs & Goblins 4.33 1 4.33

Cody Parlato     Chaos Warriors
David Appleby     Skaven
Matt Collett     High elves
Will Hoverd     Ogres

If I come in better than 6th I'll be content.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Papa Sam Nurgle and The Garden of Blight: Part 5

It's 1am and I'm tired of painting Nurgle.

Painting progress, all bases with one coat on,

Beasts get another layer of ink.

Drones almost done.
God I'm tired.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Myths of Epidemius in a portaloo.

There are bigger and nastier threats out there than me. This man for instance... I'll leave you to decide who he is.

Been reading twitter, Wow, do I feel like I'm going to be a target on the weekend. Epidemius in a Portaloo. Well really.

I played 1 game against Sam where Epidmius didn't really have an effect.  It was like this Sam miscasting on his Prophet on a carpet and losing 3 levels, me getting two consecutive snake eyes on daemonic instability for my beasts combat versus K'dai getting 10 wounds back each time, then Curse of the leper on his unit of Infernal guard and Plague Winding through the unit (killing 20+). by the time the GUO charged into the flank of his K'dai with the Eternal blade (8 Str 10 hits) we called it. Bad luck for Sam, good luck for me.

Possible combinations I can get on GUO that might be worth half a damn before the protalglyph.

Reroll on exalted table and a free lesser gift (random)
Eternal blade (Choice)
+2 Toughness (T9 GUO) (Random)

Then the following.

Portalglyph (Choice)
Free dispel die. (Random)
+3 attacks (or  just default to eternal blade Random)
Bringer of the swarm (Free Furies) (Random)
Rock of Inevitability (Free terrain) (Choice) (maybe against Dwarfs if there isn't enough terrain)

Then probably ASF or sword of swift slaying.

Possible combinations on Greater gift table for my Herald
Fencer's blades.

There is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there at the moment. The main threats are the 2 skaven lists, the empire list and the hoard of dwarves invading the gaming scene at the moment.

Gaming room...que?

Last week we offered on a house and it's looking good, only got the registered valuer go through and it's pretty much ours. 5 bedroom +1 study, which means enough space for all the children and a pretty decent looking house. An added awesome bonus about it is that it had a 2nd garage which will be converted to... A GAMING ROOM!!!

Approximate dimensions are 17' x10.5' between chimney and opposite wallis 9'. So enough room for two 6'x4', tables a painting and study desk and shelves and shelves of scenery. The roller door will go for a nice sunny window.

Lounge is behind left wall and dining room behind  the far wall. probably pop a door through to the lounge and secure the external access door.

New Warhammer race spotted!

 Batman. F***in' A

Monday, April 22, 2013

Papa sam Nurgle and his Garden of Blight: Update 4

I have been madly painting and painting and painting and it's turning truly disgusting, I love the new Plague drones. They are simply amazing models.I have 1 99% done other than a few layes of highlights.

His brothers wait.

First Nurgle Fury almost complete.

Beasts of Nurgle almost complete.

Only 5 days till Runefang.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Papa Sam Nurgle and his Garden of Blight: update 3

This is the general layout of my Nurgle army for Runefang on my base for my unstarted playboard.. So still going like the clappers on this and still have a long way to go. It's starting to look really pretty though,

Friday, April 19, 2013


So cool, pity I don't have any money cause bought a1:1 scale house last night.

Kickstarter is here.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Papa Sam Nurgle and Runefang: Update 2

Painting Queue
Bit of a big update. Green is completed, orange is properly underway, red is not even painted/assembled. This will obviously come down once I have my fully fledged out list.

Great Unclean One

(needs a touch up and some repinning)

Herald of Nurgle
Either convert a standard for him or buy new model

60 Plaguebearers incl 2 command sets
20+ mostly painted, 30 being painted
2 Squads of Furies and the rest of my Plaguebearers.

Plaguebearer rank filler.
Bases allocated not yet started

7 Beasts of Nurgle
1 fully painted, 6 more under way, 2 more not being used.



Molly the Mollusc


"Snuffy" Snuffulfugus gets promoted from sesame street chracter to beast of Nurgle


10 Furies of Nurgle

Converted and halfway painted

Squadron leader Royal Nurgle A Squad (Chaos fury of Nurgle)

12 bases of Nurglings
Touch up painting and finishing off

1 Soulgrinder of Nurgle

Base model assembled it needs nurglefying and painting. Not attending

3 Plague Drones

Basic assembled. Painting core of model and then assembling and pinting wings once core body is done.

Body coming along nicely on Nurgle Plague Drone.
Plague Drones behind Beasts of Nurgle.

Moar Furies (in case I take bringer of the Swarm)
Thinking flies on 25mm bases.

Some cursed Bulwarks/towers of Nurgle (in case I take rock of inevitablity)
I need to build these. I'm thinking 2 towers and 6 walls

Display carry base
need to buy this and model/flock

4 Trees of Nurgle
(extra scenery)
Sturcture made. Sculpted and flocked, may need more sculpting

More to come, Making a lot of progress now I got my painting Mojo on.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Plague drones WIP

Plague drones WIP, only base colours and an ink.

Final List for Runefang

So I've submitted my final list for Runefang.

Great Unclean One, Level 4, Exalted gift, Lesser Gift
Herald of Nurgle, BSBS, Greater Gift
30 Plaguebearers, Full Command
20 Plaguebearers, Full Command
4 Beasts of Nurgle
1 Beast of Nurgle
1 Beast of Nurgle
5 Furies of Nurgle
5 Furies of Nurgle
2 Nurglings
3 Plague Drones

Pure Nurgle Filth and aboslutely rock 'ard. It plays like a hand of MTG. I'm very impressed with the plague drones and extra furies over the soulgrinder. I kind of wished there was a cheaper Nurgle artillery option like Tzeetnch and Khorne got. 315 points for Soulgrinder which doesn't hold it's own in combat half the time. 

After a bit more playtesting I ditched 1 unit of Nurglings to get a larger unit of Plaguebearers up to 30 strong and my second unit, EPICdemius' Bodyguard up to 20. I've even started naming my beasts.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mantic Deadzone

I love this stuff.

Who is six Alpha

Copr CentraL


Deadzone/Warpath Kickstarter anyone?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Runefang to do list.

After deciding mainly what I'm taking to Runefang.

 I have the models I need. Green is completed, orange is properly underway, red is not even painted/assembled. This will obviously come down once I have my fully fledged out list.

Great Unclean One

(needs a touch up and some repinning)

Herald of Nurgle
Either convert a standard for him or buy new model

60 Plaguebearers incl 2 command sets
20+ mostly painted, 20 assembled, 10 being stripped

Plaguebearer rank filler.
Bases allocated not yet started

7 Beasts of Nurgle
1 fully painted, 6 undercoated, some more conversions needed/altered (don't quite rank up properly) 2 are being stripped at the moment.

10 Furies of Nurgle

Started Assmbling and converting gargoyles.

12 bases of Nurglings
Touch up painting and finishing off

1 Soulgrinder of Nurgle
Base model assembled it needs nurglefying and painting

3 Plague Drones
Needs assembling

Moar Furies (in case I take bringer of the Swarm)
Thinking flies on 25mm bases.

Some cursed Bulwarks/towers of Nurgle (in case I take rock of inevitablity)
I need to build these. I'm thinking 2 towers and 6 walls

Display carry base
need to buy this and model/flock

5 Trees of Nurgle
(extra scenery)
Sturcture made. Need to sculpt.

Methinks it's time to get my hobby on.

Kings of War Kickstarter Wave 2

So got an update on my Kings of war stuff. Am really excited as I think I might up my pledge (yes they're going to be allowing you to do it) and get some of this extra:

an extra 1000 point army (maybe dwarfs)
3 Celestian Cat Cavalry,
A Mincer
3 Werewolves,
a unit of 3 Ogres (either Hand Weapons or Shooters
both the Elf Cavalry and Twilight Kin Knights!
8 hero sculpts including two Angels, a mounted Basilean Lord, a Druid, an Air Elemental, two Twilight Kin, a Dwarf Healer and an Elven Mage.

Mounted Basiliean Lord. Epic.

All Comers 2400pt Daemon Army

So I had a think about what with no special characters what would an all comers Daemon army possibly look like.

Lord of Change, Level 4 Metal, Exalted Gift, lesser Gift
30 Plaguebearers w/ full command and gleaming pennant
15 Horrors w/ Full command
5 Beasts of Nurgle
1 Beast of Nurgle
1 Beast of Nurgle
4 Fiends of Slaanesh
5 Chaos Furies
5 Flesh Hounds w/ ambush
Skill Cannon
Skill Cannon

It has a little bit of the best from each Faction and has versatility. It has 2 large anvils plaguebearers and large beast units. it has cannons for taking out threats and combo charging. Furies and fleshounds for chaff warmaching hunting. Lord of Change level 4 metal caster with a number of exalted gift options (eternal blade). Fiends have done surprising well in a unit, they are damned fast and hit very hard. plus the -1ws and -1I to opponents.

Possible variants could drop a skillcannon and lesser gift and take some plague drones, or take daemonettes instead of Horrors.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Papa Sam Nurgle: Possible Two lists for Runefang.

I am looking at two possible lists for Runefang.

List 1 includeds soulgrinder, which to tell the truth hasn't done much. He's rather a big target with a very large footprint and has died every single game, that being said he's a bit of a fire magnet taking the heat off Epidmius and Papa. papa I'm gonna try and roll for some armour but will most likely take Eternal blade and Sword of Striking or sword of Swift slaying. I'll roll for the Herald of Nurgle but he will most likely have fencer's blades, so 6+ to hit for most things and 5+ for Ws5+.

Great Unclean One, Level 4, Exalted gift, Lesser Gift
Herald of Nurgle, BSBS, Greater Gift
25 Plaguebearers, Full Command
19 Plaguebearers, Full Command
4 Beasts of Nurgle
1 Beast of Nurgle
1 Beast of Nurgle
5 Furies of Nurgle
2 Nurglings
1 Soulgrinder of Nurgle, Baleful Torrent, Daemon Bone Claw

or List 2 which drops the soulgrinder for some hovering Mostrous cavalry some extra Nurglings and extra furies. Because I can get a few extra drops in these I might go for 5 strong beast unit.

Great Unclean One, Level 4, Exalted gift, Lesser Gift
Herald of Nurgle, BSBS, Greater Gift
25 Plaguebearers, Full Command
19 Plaguebearers, Full Command
5 Beasts of Nurgle

1 Beast of Nurgle
5 Furies of Nurgle
5 Furies of Nurgle
2 Nurglings
2 Nurglings
3 Plague Drones

It's half finished at the moment so am going to need to do a lot of painting in next 3 weeks. I have only playtested the first list once in that configuration, plus my wife doesn't like the maulerfiend proxy I'm converting up. I'm planning on getting the the forgeworld Nurgle soulgrinder at some stage instead.

I will be collecting a Tally for each game to see how Epidimius rolls up and how fast I can get his buffs.

Epic Side Boob

From Warhammer Forge open Day

Oh Baby!
So pretty.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Big games day down at the club tomorrow 1200 points

Having a bit of a Daemonic incursion tomorrow down at the local. goods versus evil, lots of 1200 pts fantasy battles going on. 1000pt 40k games going on. Free for members, $5 for non-members. Food available at canteen.


Pictures of Natcon

Nick Staring down Fern's Goblin horde. Photo by Mike King,
Mike King has posted up Pics so I have added some of them them to my game descriptions.

Posts are here:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Daemonic Instability, my Lovely Wife and Nurgle.

One Skaven/Chaos Warrior/High elf Player I know and I have been having a "debate" about daemonic Instability. Is it the difference between your dice roll and your leadership - the combat modifiers in combat or is it the combat modifiers modified to your leadership and then you roll.  Well it appears it is the second. Just to add a little more oomph to the discussion my wife, bless her, decided to email one of the playtesters Ben Curry about clarifying the changes to ease her poor soul;

Hi Ben,

I'm hoping you can give a poor wife her sanity back, and help my husband and his mates settle something...  They've all started talking about how the new daemonic instability works, and whether combat results modify the leadership prior to rolling the 2D6 or not.  Personally, I quite like the idea of my husband losing vast quantities of wounds, and don't like the idea of his maximum wounds loss being limited to 11 or so, but I figured for marital harmony, I might as well ask.  It doesn't seem particularly clear, so I was wondering if either you've already discussed this and we've all managed to miss it, or whether there's a chance it could be slipped in to a future podcast?

Here's hoping I can go back to focusing on my night goblins and learning the more indepth rules of the game instead of listening to endless debates!

Thanks so very much in advance! 

Fern Campbell

Sam & Fern Campbell
Our Miniature Wargaming Blog
I get a text from my friend saying that my wife's question was on the podcast bad dice daily. Not to mention Pete Dunn mentioned it in his blog fields of blood a few weeks back.

Fast forward to last night against Sam's Chaos Dwarfs. So it appears to work a little like this. Sam's Infernal guard and K'dai Destroyer charge my Beasts of Nurgle. They end up doing 8 wounds + 2 ranks + charge + standard. My Great Unclean one was within 18"  so I need to roll a 0 basically but at the moment I'm losing by 11. I roll a double 1 and get all my models back, I then proceed to lose 2 wounds due to me rolling 2 above my altered leadership. next combat was the same, I rolled double 1s again. on the thrid combat he ended up getting me down again to 0 Leadership although I was losing by 10, I roll a 4 and only lose 4 wounds even though I was losing by 9 -11, which was -2 leadership, since any leadership characteristic can not be lower than 0 or higher than 10, my losses capped out whereas in last edition I would have lost more wounds. This is a major change for Daemons and makes them infinitely more surviveable against a significant number of attacks like witch elves, savage orcs, etc.

Combine with the toughness denial Epidimius brings to Nurgle daemons not getting wounded and not only are you losing less models to daemonic instability overall. Expect to see more great weapons.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nurgle Hobby progress

So this is my Nurgle army as it stands, this is all of Daemons/Chaos Warriors I have.

Daemon Prince
I can do 59 Plaguebearers, with 4 rank filler so far
12 stands of Nurglings,
10 Beasts (4 Authentic Beasts of Nurgle, 1 Alternate and 5 Spawn)
3 Pox riders (probably Plague bearer rank filler)
2 Spawn
20 Chaos warriors of Nurgle
1 Chaos Lord on Steed
1 Soulgrinder/Hellcannon Stand in.

I possibly need Nurgle furies and plague drones. I also have a Giant waiting to be nurglified and 40 -80 zombie/Nurgle Marauders.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Chaos in Progress

Keeper of Secrets.
Hamish's Dragon Price number 1

Hamish's Dragon Prince number 2
Throgg and his Cloak, gap took a tonne of greenstuff.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Natcon Wrapup: End of Day 3

Bowling into the last day I was tied for 1st with Mal. Forgot to take pictures as was really bloody tired.

Round 7
Mal Patel (Lizardmen) 7-13- This basically ended up in us taking 1 objective each and Mal Shooting the crap out of one of my bloodletter units. and cleaning out my chaff. Things did not start well when he final transmutated my general in the first turn. gg 6 dice. Ah well. Managed to hold on to a 5 point objective with a beast of Nurgle, taking my points of objectives to 25/30 for the weekend.

Not much left of my Bloodletter horde. Photo by Mike King

I was kind of hoping my Bloodcrusher and fiend would deal some damage to Mal's Scar Vet. Photo by Mike King

Round 8
Aaron Hodson (Ogres) 13-7 - I love it when Mournfangs and Iron blasters bounce. Right off a bloodletter horde. BOING! 2nd best moment was when my Beast of Nurgle ate his Stonehorn mano e mano. We only got to turn 4 and I purple sun misfire and dimensional cascaded my death mage...again. And on the flank as well. Sigh. I still wasn't able to get to 1st or second place after this game but was able to with my painting points take out 3rd place.
Ogres deployed as far back as possible. Photo by Mike King

Morunfang charge furies and over run into Bloodletter unit which eats 3 Mournfangs. Yummy. Photo by Mike King
20 points for the last day wasn't too bad. I was quite surprised to hear I had gotten 3rd place with my painting tipping it in my favour as I'd only scored average on the last day. When you spend ages and ages painting your daemons it makes it all the more worth it. Very chuffed as it was my 2nd nz tournament and 2nd tournament in 10 years.

1st: Sam Whitt (Dark Elves)
2nd: Mal Patel (Lizardmen)
3rd: Samuel Campbell (Daemons of Chaos)

Best Sport: Brendon Johnston (Beastmen)
I didn't get to even speak to Brendon the whole tournament and wasn't matched up against him, but I hear he was a really good player to go up against.

Best Army: Charlie Lloyd (Tomb Kings)
Loved Charlie's army it was the only army that you could pick out from the other side of the room and had excellent colour selection.

1st: Simon Switzer (Dwarf’s)
2nd: Mark Skilton (Vampire Counts)
Last: Fern Campbell (Orcs and Goblins)

Simon has the goods to take a lot of damage from all his oppenents. I had to use all of my daemony goodness to destroy his army. It was brutal.

The missus had tonnes of fun and I might get her to do some summaries of her battles. She's the top ranked female in the country though. She has mentioned she got more awards than I did on multiple occassions (bringing a knife to a gunfight and doing the most damage to her own army). As Jeff said "He didn't have the balls to take a night goblin only army to a tourney", she replied "neither did I".

The final totals were

Player Name Army Battle Point Total Sports Total Painting Total Overall Total
Sam Whitt Dark Elves 116 20 16.5 76.25
Mal Patel Lizardmen 112 20 14 73
Samuel Campbell Daemons of Chaos 101 20 15.5 68.25
Jeff Kent Lizardmen 101 20 12 66.5
Mark Skilton Vampire Counts 94 20 18 66
Hamish Gordon Skaven 91 20 11 61
Bo Paterson Lizardmen 85 20 15.5 60.25
Simon Switzer Dwarfs 89 20 11 60
Stuart Robinson Warriors of Chaos 79 20 12.5 55.75
Darren Smucar Ogre Kingdoms 79 20 12 55.5
James Millington Warriors of Chaos 77 20 13 55
Neil Williamson Dwarfs 79 20 10.5 54.75
Aaron Hodson Ogre Kingdoms 75 20 12 53.5
Brendon Johnston Beastmen 72 20 12 52
Nicholas Jebson Orcs and Goblins 64 20 12 48
Charlie Lloyd Tomb Kings 43 20 15.5 39.25
Joel McNelly Warriors of Chaos 42 20 16 39
Fern Campbell Orcs and Goblins 16 20 14 25

Player Name Army Victory Point Total
Simon Switzer Dwarfs 14313
Mal Patel Lizardmen 13660
Mark Skilton Vampire Counts 12084
Sam Whitt Dark Elves 12018
Bo Paterson Lizardmen 11599
Darren Smucar Ogre Kingdoms 11392
Samuel Campbell Daemons of Chaos 10501
Neil Williamson Dwarfs 9690
Nicholas Jebson Orcs and Goblins 9422
Hamish Gordon Skaven 9400
Jeff Kent Lizardmen 9177
James Millington Warriors of Chaos 8796
Brendon Johnston Beastmen 8762
Aaron Hodson Ogre Kingdoms 7599
Joel McNelly Warriors of Chaos 7501
Stuart Robinson Warriors of Chaos 5580
Charlie Lloyd Tomb Kings 5154
Fern Campbell Orcs and Goblins 4487