Monday, June 25, 2012

Some new Daemons, Slaaenshi and Kairos

I got some new babies last week, and have primed all my Slaaneshi after drilling and pinning a lot of the old Seekers of Slaanesh tails.

Daemon Champion, Khorne Herald and general under 2000 pts.

Herald of Pestilence, I'm thinking of giving him a standard and repositioning his left arm.

Swirling vortex for Kairos, basically wire armature and lots of GF9 greenstuff.

Kairos primed and washed once in blue.

All my Slaaneshi, primed and ready.

39 Daemonettes (mixture of 3rd, 6th and 7th edition),
15 Seekers (12 x 6th, 3 x 7th), 3 fiends (2 old, 1 x 7th),
1 boobwurm for my Chaos warriors army and
1 Chariot of slaanesh.

One thing is for sure, I'm going to be going through a lot of pink.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Aw bugger it!

Ah well I decided to pledge to $175 which gets me instead

A Kings of War Hardback Rulebook,
10 Dice
A Kickstarter exclusive Undead Skeletal Dog Handler
1000 points Orcs – 1 Krudger on Gore, 1 Orc Flagger, 2 Ax Regiments (60), 1 Greatax Regiment (20), 1 Morax Troop (10) 2 Gore Rider Regiments (20), Orclings (1-3 bases)
3 Celestian Angels,
5 Celestian Battle Sisters,
5 Celestian Men-at-Arms,
either 5 Elf Cavalry or 5 Twilight Kin Knights,
5 Immortal Guard,
5 Fleabag Riders,
5 Brock Riders,
3 Trolls,
5 Palace Guard,
5 Mummies,
5 Gargoyles.
3 Abyssal Golems
Orc Gore Chariot or a Fight Wagon
Your name immortalised in the Kings of War Hardback Rulebook
A free electronic version of the Kings of War Hardback Rulebook
An electronic version of the Kings and Legends Supplement
A signed Lithoprint of the Mantica Map
a free ticket to our Mantic Party in September/Gencon Kings of War event in August (yay)
Undead Standard Bearer
the Undead Vampiress from the cover art of the book
"Wip the Half-cast" - an Orc Wizard Special Character from the Mantic Point Scheme.

I'd like to see GW do something like this for value... I highly doubt it.

Mantic Games Kings of WAR

So I backed them for $100 with only 17 hours to go and I like the Orcs better than Games Workshop Orcs. Not to mention way better value.

For $100 now i get

A Kings of War Hardback Rulebook, Mini-rulebook and 10 Dice
Undead Vampiress from the cover art
Army of Orcs – 30 Ax Warriors, 20 Greatax, 10 Gore Riders, 24 Orclings
 - A Kickstarter exclusive Undead Skeletal Dog Handler
- A free Celestian Human Paladin
- A free Celestian Men-at-Arms
- A free Celestian Angel Paladin
- A free Celestian Battle Sister
- A free Elf Palace Guard
- A free Dwarf Berserker Brock Rider
- A free Gargoyle figure
- A free Mummy figure
- A free Troll figure
- A free Orc Chariot/Fight Wagon
- Your name immortalised in the Kings of War Hardback Rulebook
- A free electronic version of the Kings of War Hardback Rulebook
- An electronic version of the Kings and Legends Supplement
- A signed Lithoprint of the Mantica Map
- a free ticket to our Mantic Party in September/Gencon Kings of War event in August (probably wont be flying to that)

and a book Bloodstone of Cerillion, by Jonathan Peace

Slace to Painting stock Mantic Kings of War and I've already bought Avatar of Wars Daemon Champion and Herald of Pestilence, plus some of the Army builder primer which works a treat.

I find I'm getting priced out of GW warhammer, so it's good for an alternative.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pox Riders & Cockatrice done

Quick update, I got Kairos and my Daemon Battalion delivered so had to squeeze these guys out, I present to you my finished Cockatrice and 3 Pox riders of Nurgle.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Fern's First Post

Hi All,

So I haven't posted anything about any of my three armies yet, as I've been letting Sam post his stuff first.  I collect Vampire Counts, Goblins (not a fan of Orcs) and Skaven.

Vampire Counts

I absolutely adore the Vampire Counts miniatures and really enjoy playing the army.  Probably because it's my first army, it's also the largest one I have.  I think I have approximately 10,000 points worth at the moment, although not all are on the shelf at the moment.  There's still a lot to be assembled and put on the shelf.


I have pretty much all the goblins that I want now.  I really enjoy playing games with them, as I just can't stop laughing at all the crazy stuff that happens, but I don't like the miniatures as much as my other armies.  I can easily play a 3000 point game, and could probably stretch to 4k if I wanted to.  The only extras I will probably plan on getting are another Arachnarok spider and some squigs.
There's currently 438 miniatures in the army.  I've fully painted and flocked around 150 of the goblins, with around 80 unprimed and the rest undercoated with about half of the skin painted.  Hopefully these will all be painted in the next couple of months.


This is my favourite army of the lot, despite the fact that I haven't even assembled enough miniatures to ever play a game with even 500 points.  I adore the miniatures and I'm desperately looking forward to assembling and painting my army.  With my Skaven though, I've decided to go the longer path and collect the entire army before assembling and painting anything (well, apart from the Lizardmen slaves that Clan Spittle captured for me).
Anyway, that’s all from me until next time.
Take care and have fun,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Bit of a MASSIVE update.  I decided to take a picture of all the stuff I've done in the last 6 months. This is too catch myself up on ze blog since the camera was rebatterized. Enjoy..

 Warsphinx and Tomb King, I assmbled for oldest son's birthday.
 He was chuffed.

 2 for 1 offer, I assembled and painted this Necroshpinx as well, which I think is pretty damned cool model.
Bone scything weapons ftw. He was doubley chuffed.

but wait there's more...
 Great Unclean One
 Rust and pus and bloody gore... this is making me hungry.

Beast of Nurgle
 Epidimius, the Tallyman of Nurgle
 His banner is painted in blood. The only way to tally.

 6 Bases of Nurglings, replendant with rivers of blood.

 Tree of Woe for Plaguebearers rank filler. The tree is spewing out blood. Nice and thick and wet.

   and all of them in their glory.

Close up of some Plaguebearers.
 Unit 1 of 24 Bloodletters including rank filler portal.
 Supreme Close up
 My wife takes better pictures than me.
 Bloodletter coming out to wreak some havoc. Rank filler makes the units much better.

2nd unit of Bloodletters.

 Skarbrand WIP.

 Reaper Wereshark, he's a very nice miniature. I went with the wave seascape on the base.

Chimaera, sans throat on the reptile head. It looks much better without it don't you think?

 The Changeling.

 WIP Fleshounds, I think I have another 2 unassembled
 Almost done one of them.
 Wife want to take an extra close up because she liked it.

So onto finishing this Cockatrice and the 3 Pox Riders of Nurgle so I can put together my Kairos I got yesterday. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!1!! cough, splutter....

Sammy out.

p.s. ...and maybe some Diablo 3