Thursday, March 21, 2013

miniwargaming shutting down it's online store.

Intersting viewpoint from an independant retailer who is shutting down it's online store due to new GW trade policies.


  1. I didnt watch the above but I am guessing this about a rumor I saw on another blog - that from June2013, GW will ban all independent retailers from selling GW goods online...
    If that's the case that will be the end of me buying GW stuff, as I am not paying NZ prices...

  2. I'm on a good wage and even I can't afford full retail on GW prices.

    Although I have an alternate Chaos warriors army I'm doing with mostly non GW models.

    1. Likewise! Their pricing is just ridiculous...

      I think that will be the way to go in future... and it might only adversely affect you if you entered any formal GW tournaments or wanted to play a game in one of their stores (if they still do that?)

      The frustration for me is the figures I desire from them are linked to the imagery of the LOTR/Hobbit movies...

    2. GW have pulled from organising Official tournaments a few years ago, the last one was a fairly entry level affair. They've dropped off their internal forums a while back because of all the negative feedback an their main facebook page a few months ago due to a lot of negative feedback.

      I've been playing warhammer for almost 20 years, and it feels very much like a slap in the face or maybe a Roshambo.

    3. I have to say I am stunned by some of the decisions GW have made over the last couple of years... it's almost as if they trying to piss off and drive away as many existing customers as possible, and whatever new ones come along, will need gold reserves to play their games...
      Their constant updating of the armylists and codexes drove me away many years ago from their WFB & 40K, but I kept a 'relationship' with them through LOTR, but their introduction of Failcast, pricing, less figures per box and another price rise with that, and their draconian practices of restricting online sales in all its forms has seriously kicked me in the clinkers... Despite 2 more Hobbit movies to come and no doubt more figures I would like, I am verging on the point of saying I am done with them...

      For skirmish gaming I am now looking to Empire of the Dead by Westwind and for Wargames my go to game will remain Flames of War, even though I mostly lose and have an occasional hissy fit! ;-)

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