Monday, December 31, 2012

Corruptors of Pestilence(Chaos Warriors of Nurgle) and Herald of Khorne

 So I assembled the Corruptors of Pestilence aka the Chaos Warriors of Nurgle and they is looking mighty fine. I've stuck them on some scenic bases from Micro Arts.
Group Shot of Nurgle's finest, I LOVE THE MARINE CORPS.
Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

I have a really big right hand. Might name him "Nick Cave with his red right hand".
and a big left hand.
Are you ready for cricket.

I'm gonna kill you Twenty20 style.

And my Herald of Khorne is almost done, just a little bit of highlighting and tidying up and he's looking pretty sweet. I've tried for a molten lava blade to represent his firestorm blade. I don't like his mouth so I might do a bit more work on that

 I love all of my Avatars of War Miniatures. Pity they've been so slow releasing the normal Chaos warriors. I Have 2 weeks off work so I intend to get a lot of hobby stuff done. Expect more frequent updates.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Gaming Extravaganza

Things seem to be rocketing off at the moment, I managed to get no less than 8 Games in the last week.

1200pts Slaaenshi Daemons vs 1200pts VC (Fern)
HoS Siren song
HoS Siren song + BSB
9 Seekers
29 Daemonettes
2 x 1 Fiends

Played Dawn Attack and managed to bottle the Vampire counts in a corner.  Seekers are absolutely horrible to play and died easily to a black coach.

1200pts Nurgle Daemons vs 1200pts VC (Fern)
HoN, level 1
29 Plaguebearers
2 BoN
1 BoN
3 Pox Riders
3 Nurglings

I basically fed her vampire unit chaff so I could Hold the objective with my Plaguebearers who got to the objective in turn 2. Hex wraiths kept on scythign through the building. I lost more than she did but rolled a 6 for Watchtower on 4th turn and took home the goods.

2400pts Daemons vs 2400pts VC (Fern)
4 HoK in 29 Bloodletters, 1w/ AoK +BSB Standard of Sundering, 3 w/ FB +AoK
2 x 1 Fiends
3 Screamers
5 Furies

This is a Brutal list which shredded through most of her army and eventually killed the Vampire bus Fern had rolling. Pretty much a battle for the pass secnario as well so not a lot of manouvering could be done.

2400pts Daemons vs 2400pts Skaven (Hamish)
Took the above list and fairded really badly due to artillery. The standard of sundering blocked all the dreaded 13th attempts. Must block skitterleap and doom rocket because that is pants.

2400pts Daemons vs 2400pts Orcs & Goblins (Nick)
Cut down to 3 Bloodletter hordes and GUO. Proceeded to take sever advantage of Nick's abysmal dice rolling and

2400pts Daemons vs 2400pts Warriors of Chaos(Hamish)
Took the above list and my GUO didn't manage to kill . The res to fo Bloodletter hordes died badly.

3000pts Daemons vs 3000pts VC (Storm of Magic) (Fern)
Took the above list again and added, Dark Emissary, Spawn of Khorne,

2400pts Daemons vs 2400pts Warriors of Chaos (Hamish)
GUO died to gateway first turn. The rest of the game was spent not moving whilst Hamish moved his troops slowly across the table. I almost accounted for his Knights, and 2 units of 5 Skullcrushers. 'nuff said.

I may need to take Billy the blood thirster and bunker my HoTz in a large anvil of Horrors. I need an all comers list.

So I'm looking at:
Bloodthirster w/ AoK, Axe of Khorne, Immortal Fury, Spellbreaker
2x HoK w/ FsB +AoK, 1 BSB in 2 units of 29 Bloodletters

1 HoTz w/ Mastery of Sorcery + Spellbreaker bunkered in 29 Horrors with icon of sorcery.
3 Screamers
2 x 1 Fiend

I'nm still trying to figure out the best Lore and have been flipping through, Shadows, Light, Life and Death. Maybe Beasts.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ice Dwarfs - Chaos Norse Dwarfs of Karak-Ungrim

Many years ago (11 it turns out) I created a Chaos Norse Dwarf list based off the chaos Dwarf Ravening Hordes list at the time, which had 60 Dwarfs and over 100 Ungors masquerading as the Ice Hordes. Sadly I don't think I have many pictures but the whole army was ethereal blue with snow bases. I sold off the miniatures seperatelty but it's one of the armies I miss.

For proof it's listed here.

Ice Dwarfs - The Chaos Norse Dwarfs of Karak-Ungrim

By Samuel Campbell
Rules are copyright GW. No Challenge to this intellectual property is made or implied by this work. The rest is Copyright Samuel Campbell, 2001.

History, Background and Fluff

The Fortress of Karak-Ungrim ("Foul Fortress") was one of the many Dwarf strongholds in the mountains of Norsca. The Dwarfs occupying this fortress fell to the worship of chaos and it's many evil ways.

A young scholarly Dwarf Prince by the name of Ungar Nolafsson(the 5th of 5 sons), who was shunned by other dwarfs for shaving his beard, had always dreamt of magic. One day due to taunts of other dwarfs he had enough and decided to travel and seek his fortune. Wishing his mother goodbye, he packed some food and clothes into a travelling sack which he slung over his shoulder and voyaged out of the fortress. Whilst studying abroad in the libraries of the Empire he discovered a book of spells. Little did he know it was a book of consummate evil, which promised of the magic in his dreams.

He stole the book and voyaged back home, for he was most homesick. Although perturbed by his lack of beard and undwarfy mannerisms, his kin welcomed him back after being away for so many years. Many days did Ungar spend in his room in a remote tower of the fortress. Slowly chaos seeped into his mind and tempted him until he was fully under the sway of evil. He grew more steadily ill and the old wise dwarfs where sent for. Little could they do, for they knew nothing of his condition. Ungar fell into a deep coma.

Meanwhile, Storms came in from the Chaos Wastes blasting the fortress with sleets of snow and blizzards for months on end. The winter was long and harsh this year. Word came through via the scouts announcing the approach of the ice hordes. Creatures of chaos besieged the fortress for many months. Still Ungar slept in his coma. A Daemon which led the ice horde treatised with the king of the fortress, to give themselves up to the power of chaos because the odds against them where immense. But the Dwarf King, Nolaf Magnarsson of the Fortress would not give in, and they waged war for many months more. As the siege grew longer, supplies dwindled and the Dwarfs inside suffered. On the last day of the siege Ungar awoke, looking anew and fresh, it seemed his illness had passed. The Ice Hordes gathered for one final assault and broke through the mighty gates of the fortress, the dwarfs where valiant and destroyed many of the Ice Horde that day. But the Ice Hordes where too many. Nolaf and the Daemon battled in the forefront of the fray. Just as it seemed as it was all lost, a great light was seen and all the ice creatures disappeared. Except for the Daemon who howled in rage and struck down the Dwarf King, The Ungar had banished the horde with a great spell from his tome of evil. Ungar smote the Daemon with a brilliant flash of Ice, and the Daemon was no more. Ungar, with his last vestige of Dwarfity left in him, held his father in his arms as the Nolaf lay dying. The King didn't say anything but stared into the face of his son, who he knew to be corrupted by evil. A single tear traced down through his beard and froze as the last gasps of life gave away in Nolaf.

The Dwarfs suffered great sorrow from the king dying. Over the next few weeks a faction of dwarfs supported Ungar against his elder brothers, Oddr, Daim, Glark, and Keyn. Ungar said he should claim the throne because he had won the day and banished the hordes. A lot of the other Dwarfs agreed with him. The elder Dwarf brothers decided to confront Ungar and demand to know why he was gathering support so he could take the throne. Part of the ston structure fell and supposedly crushed all four brothers as they made their way to Ungar's tower. But the four Dwarf Brothers where actually captured by Ungar's Snowkin. Later he was able to break the brother's resolve and turn their minds to the power of Chaos. After much mourning Ungar was crowned. The lure of Chaos had crept in and the Dwarfs became slaves to Ungar after little resistance.

The Ice Hordes had actually been controlled by Ungar and the Daemon was actually a projection of the Ungar's self. He had masterminded the battle with his newly acquired magical powers to take power. Some Dwarfs escaped and told the tale to the other Norse Dwarf Fortresses to the south.
No contact has been made with the taken fortress for a while and is impregnable to Dwarf attack.
It is also said that for his queen he chose a Dwarf who he'd espied for many a year. But she, Gudrun, would not succumb to his wooing unless with his magic he made her beautiful. So he asked a boon of the gods of darkness and they granted it. The gods of Darkness turned the Dwarf lady folk into Chaos Valkyries, mighty beautiful Dwarf maiden warriors with the lower body of White Horses of the Ice plains. Gudrun, his queen was made the fairest of all the Valkyrie and fights at his side for the cause of chaos.

Although small in number, they grow daily helped by the creatures of chaos in these vast steppes of the north. They will be able to challenge the Norse Dwarfs of Kraka-Drak("Dragon Hold") in the east, Karak-Mingol ("Eternal Tower") in the south and Kazad-Azkahr ("Fortress City") and later take on the rest of the old world.

Champions, Musicians and Standard Bearers

Any unit of foot troops and Ice Horde Winter Wolf Riders, can be upgraded to a champion, musician or standard bearer for +10 points each. Any unit of Chaos Valkyries in the army may upgrade a model to a champion, musician or standard bearer for +15 points each. A champion will have +1 Attack. A standard bearer from the following units may carry a magic banner worth up to 50 points: Ice Dwarf Warriors, or Chaos Valkyries

Special Rules

The following special rules apply to the Ice Dwarf army.
  1. Ice Dwarfs only flee or pursue 2d6-1" instead of the normal 2d6".
  2. Freeze. Roll at the end of the Start of the Turn phase for each unit of Ice Hordes, Ice Warriors, and Ice Fiends. on a 2-6 nothing happens and the unit will do with it as you will. On a 1 the Unit Freezes and does nothing this turn.
  3. Ice Dwarfs and Chaos Valkyrie ignore panic tests for breaking and fleeing Ice Hordes, Ice Warriors, Ice Fiends and Snowkin.
  4. Ice Warriors and Ice Fiends ignore panic tests for breaking and fleeing Ice Hordes.
  5. All troops ignore panic tests for breaking and fleeing Ice horde units except other Ice Horde units.
  6. Ice Dwarf Shamans always use their own type of magic described in the magic section.


0-1 Ice Dwarf Shaman king
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Ice Dwarf Shaman King 3 4 3 4 5 3 1 1 10 225
Wyrm of the North 6 3 0 5 5 4 2 2 8 200
Equipment: Hand weapon. An Ice Dwarf Shaman King may not have any other equipment, It distracts him from his magic.
An Ice Dwarf Shaman King is always a level 4 magic user.

He may also ride a Wyrm of the North (+200 points). A Wyrm of the North is a large target, causes terror, can fly and gives it's rider +2 dispel dice to dispel each spell that effects them.
If you include a Shaman King in your army he must be your General.
0-1 Chaos Valkyrie Queen
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Chaos Valkyrie Queen 8 6 3 5 5 3 5 5 9 176
Equipment: Hand weapon and heavy armour, may have an additional hand weapon (+6 points), a Great weapon (+6 points), and/or a shield (+3 points).
0-4 Ice Dwarf Prince
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Ice Dwarf Prince 3 7 4 4 5 3 4 4 10 120
Lesser Dragon of the North 6 5 0 6 5 4 3 4 6 230
Equipment: May have and additional hand weapon (+6 points), or Great weapon (+6 points), light armour (+3 points), heavy armour (+6 points) and/or a shield (+3 points).
They may also ride a Lesser Dragon of the North (+230 points) A lesser Dragon of the North is a large target, causes terror, can fly, is immune to fire-based attacks, has a 4+ save and breathes S3 fire.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Ice Dwarf Hero 3 6 4 4 4 2 3 3 10 60
Ice Dwarf Shaman 3 4 3 3 4 2 2 1 9 65
Chaos Valykrie Heroine 8 5 3 4 5 2 4 4 9 104
Ice Hordes Hero 4 5 3 4 4 2 3 3 7 40
Winter Wolf 9 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 7 12

Equipment: Hand weapon.
A Shaman may not have any other equipment.
Valkyries always have heavy armour (which is included in points cost).
May have an additional hand weapon (+4 points), or Great weapon (+4 points), light armour (+2 points), heavy armour (+4 points) and/or a shield (+2 points).
A Ice Hordes Hero may ride a Winter Wolf (+12 points).
One Ice Dwarf or Chaos Valkyrie Hero may be upgraded to Battle Standard Bearer for +25 points. They may carry any magic banner (no points limit), but if they do so they may take no other magic items. They may not be given any extra equipment except the Ice Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer may wear light or heavy armour. A Battle Standard Bearer may not be your army General.
A Shaman is a level 1 wizard. This may be increased to level 2 at a cost of +35 points.

Core Units

Ice Dwarf Warriors
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Ice Dwarf Warriors 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9 9
Unit Size: 10+
Equipment: Hand weapon, heavy armour and shield. May have a Great axe (+2 points).
Ice Horde Knights
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Ice Horde Knights 4 3 3 3 3 1 2 1 6 2
Winter Wolf 9 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 3 9
Unit Size: 10+
Equipment: Hand weapon, May have bow (+3 points). May have light armour (+1 point) and/or a shield (+1 point). May ride Winter Wolves (+9 points).
Ice Hordes do not count towards the minimum number of core units required in the army.
If Ice Hordes are mounted on Winter Wolves so they are fast cavalry.

Special Units

Ice Hordes
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Ice Hordes 4 2 3 3 3 1 2 1 6 2
Unit Size: 10+
Equipment: Hand weapon and shield. May have spear (+1 points), or swap their shield for a short bow (+1 points).
Ice Fiends
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Ice Fiends 4 3 3 3 3 1 2 1 6 5
Unit Size: 10+
Equipment: 2 hand weapons
Special Rules: Poison attacks, Enemy units may never lap around Ice Fiends,. Ice Fiends may always lap around any number of models against enemy units regardless of whether they won the round of combat or not.
0-1 Snow Kin
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Snow Kin 4 4 3 4 4 1 2 1 8 10
Unit Size: 10+
Equipment: Hand weapon and heavy armour. May have an additional hand weapon(+2 points), spear (+2 points), halberd (+2 points), shield (+1 points) or Great weapon (+2 points)
Ice Hordes Ballista
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Ice Hordes Ballista - - - - 7 3 - - - 30
Crew 4 3 3 3 3 1 2 1 6
Unit Size: 1 War machine with 2 Ice Hordes crew. You may take up to 2 Ice Shard Ballistas as a single Special choice.
Equipment: Hand weapon.
Special Rules: see the Warhammer rulebook under bolt thrower for details.
Ice Catapult
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Ice Catapult - - - - 7 3 - - - 80
Crew 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9
Unit Size: 1 War machine with 2 Ice Dwarf crew.
Equipment: Hand weapon and heavy Armour.
Special Rules: Treat as a stone thrower in the rulebook with the following exceptions. You may only guess between 12" and 48" for range. Use the cannon misfire table. In addition to normal damage, roll 2d6 one you have worked out where the Ice Munition has landed, Any troops within this distance in inches from the centre of the template move at half rate in their next turn and may not shoot missile weapons. War Machines caught in the area may only fire on a 4+.

Rare Units

Chaos Valkyries
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Chaos Valkyrie 8 4 3 4 4 1 3 2 9 21
Unit Size: 5+
Equipment: Hand weapon, Great axe, heavy armour and shield. May swap Great axe for additional hand weapon for free.
Special Rules: Chaos Valkyries have a unit strength of 2 per model.
Ice Lobber
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Ice Lobber - - - - 7 3 - - - 110
Crew 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9
Unit Size: 1 War machine with 3 Ice Dwarf crew.
Equipment: Hand weapon and heavy armour.
Special Rules: Treat as a stone thrower in the rulebook with the following exceptions. You may only guess between 12" and 48" for range. Use the cannon misfire table. In addition to normal damage, roll 2d6 one you have worked out where the Ice Munitions has landed, Any troops within this distance in inches from the centre of the template move at half rate in their next turn and may not shoot missile weapons. War Machines caught in the area may only fire on a 4+.

Optional Units

To take these units you need the opponents permission beforehand. If you can agree then take these units as rare options
Ice Trolls
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Ice Trolls 6 3 1 5 4 3 1 3 4 50
Unit Size: 3+
Equipment: Ice Trolls often fight with a large club (hand weapon), though they don't really need one.
Special Rules: Can regenerate, cause fear, and are stupid. Instead of their normal attacks, Trolls may vomit once on a single enemy in base-to-base contact. Troll vomit is S5, always hits and allows no armour save.
Frost Giants
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Frost Giants 6 3 3 6 5 6 3 special 6 200
Unit Size: 1
Equipment: Huge Axe.
Special Rules: Large target, causes fear. Frost Giants are not slowed by obstacles, but are prone to falling. Roll a d6 if they cross an obstacle or lose a round of combat. If you roll a 1 the Frost Giant has fallen and will squash those underneath. Use the scatter dice to see which direction he falls, and the model itself as the tmeplate. Those underneath take a single S10 hit for D6 wounds. Frost Giants may not attack whilst on the ground. It takes a Frost Giant one turn to stand up. Obviously, Frost Giants fall over when they die.
In close combat against an enemy classed as a large target, Frost Giants can Yell and Bawl(enemy automatically loses by 2 - only once per combat) or 'Eadbutt (1d6 hits at s6 on single enemy model).
Against smaller opponents, Frost Giants can either Yell and Bawl, Jump Up and Down (2d6 S6 hits on unit, but test to fall over first - see above) or Swing With Club(1d6 S6 hits).
Dragon of the North
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Pts
Dragon of the North 6 6 0 6 6 6 3 5 8 320
Unit Size: Only an Ice dwarf Shaman King can ride a Dragon of the North
Special Rules: A dragon can Fly, Causes Terror, is a large target, has a 3+ saving throw and breathes S3 fire. A Dragon counts as 1 Lord Choice and 1 Hero Choice.

Magic Spells

Ice Dwarf Shamans use Ice Magic (see Death)
D6   Spell     Casting Value
1 Ice Bolt Cast on a 5+
2 Ice From the Grave Cast on 5+
3 Water of Life Cast on 8+
4 Ice Blast Cast on 8+
5 Icicle, Icicle Cast on 10+
6 Blizzard  Cast on 12+
Ice Bolt (Cast on 5+)
This is a Magic Missile with a range of up to 24". If successfully cast, the spell hits its target and causes d6 strength 4 hits
Ice From the Grave (Cast on 5+)
This spell can be cast on a friendly unit which is engaged in combat and is within 24" of the caster. If successfully cast then models which fall casualty can an extra attack as an Ice Ghost, then disappear, just treat as a normal attack.
The spell lasts for the duration of the close combat phase of that turn.
Water Of life (Cast on 8+)
The spell can be cast on an enemy model within 12". If successfully cast then part the victim's water of life is turned into ice and transferred to the caster themselves. The victim loses one wound with no armour save and the caster gains a wound which can be used to add to the maximum characteristic of the caster's wounds. Once the battle has finished the Caster loses any wounds gained from this spell, if this puts them at 0 or below, the are slain.
The spell cannot effect Undead, Chaos Daemons, or similar units which don't have a soul.
Ice Blast (Cast on 8+)
This is a Magic Missile with a range of up to 24". If successfully cast, the spell hits its target and causes 2d6 strength 4 hits
Icicle, Icicle (Cast on 10+)
If cast successfully each enemy unit within 12" of the caster is affected.
The life water inside the victim's bodies freeze up and turns to icicles. Each unit takes d6 strength 3 hits from shooting attacks.
The spell cannot affect undead, Chaos Daemons, or buildings and similar models, as they have no life water.
Soul Blizzard (Cast on 12+)
This spell can be cast on an enemy unit which is in 24" range and is visible to the caster, If successfully cast, the unit is enshrouded in a blizzard of despair.
For the duration of the turn the affected unit will suffer a -3 penalty to any leadership tests (including break tests) it is required to take. At the start of the turn, the unit must take and pass a leadership test (at -3), otherwise it remains affected for the duration of that turn as well. At the end of the affected unit's following turn, the spell ceases to have any effect.
The spell cannot affect Undead, Chaos Daemons, Unbreakable or units immune to Psychology

Magic Items

Magic Weapons

  • Axe of Striking (+1 to hit) 30 points
  • Axe of Battle (+1 attack) 25 points
  • Hammer of Might (+1 strength) 20 points
  • Biting Axe (-1 armour save) 10 points
  • Obsidian Axe (no armour save, if target takes wound any armour or shield is destroyed even magical) 70 points
  • Ice Mace of Freezing (one use, instead of rolling to hit, all models in base contact suffer D3 wounds without armour save) 100 points

Magic Armour

  • Ice Shield(5+ armour save) 10 points
  • Armour of Ice (1+ armour save, cannot be improved) 30 points

Arcane Items

  • Staff of Sorcery(+1 to dispel any spell) 50 points
  • Power Stone (one use +2 power dice) 25 points
  • Dispel Scroll (dispells spells) 25 points
  • Chalice of Ice (remove d3 magic items from opponents magic dice pool) 50 points

Enchanted Items

  • Black Gem of Gnar 35 points


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scarbrand, Cowgirls, Indians and Sci-fi Gribblies

More WIP on Scarbrand, he's had a blazing orange highlight and skulls have been started as well as his tattoos. Almost done.

Deadlands Cowgirls WIP (for Commission, as well as indians), need highlights and eyes done, and a little more on the base.

First lot of Deadlands Indians WIP, I'm really liking the skin, it's 1/3 Khorne red and 2/3 Snakebiteleather. Need some highlighting and eyes as well.

...and even more Deadlands Indians WIP. They look real gritty. The primer was chaos black GW primer and Army Painter Fur Brown ('tis a nice red brown).
And something from my bitz box which I eventually found all the pieces for, I have no idea what it is but it reminds me of Ralph Bakshi's Wizards movie.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kickstarter Dice rings

Ok, so been backing more kickstarter. This time it's dice rings. They are so very cool.

 Gone in for $70 which gets 5 rings. The missus wants a few and I so need the r20.

Friday, December 14, 2012

MVP Great Unclean One


Had a couple of games last night at our final club night. One versus Hamish's Skaven and a second against Luke's Ogres. We're getting in practice games with our team tournament lists so pulling now stops.

I took my 3 Bloodletter horde list and he turtled like a dwarf in the corner. Dirty Stinking rat turtling in the corner.

He ended up beating me 12-8 but would have beaten him had he not gotten irresistable force off on his Dreaded 13th twice. Bleh. Need ward save against that crap. Yay....

Second game against Luke, absolutely destroyed Luke's Ogre army.

Battle for the pass, nice and tight with little flanking.

I move up my letters and he puts his charge redirectors in and Mournfangs into a fiend.
I charge everything and wipe them out and reform with 2 units of Letters.

The other one overruns into Mournfangs and he charges my flank with Ogre and character...

So timewarp on letters disappears both units of Ogres and Mournfangs and the Ogres run away 3" and get mown down.
 He rightly decided to pour a whole bunch of shots on my GUO with Balesword. and then the GUO got into combat.  He ended up accounting for a 2 units of trappers, a giant and a unit of shooter ogres. A couple of timewarps on some Bloodletters and the Ogres ended up in red mists on the battlefield. I ended up losing a handful of models in each unit and lost both my Fiends.

GUO is beast, he hasn't died yet in any of my games and apart form poor movement with my GUO in the skaven game he performs well. He loves to eat ogres chopped finely but is crap against massed infantry. He almost always instakills any monsters/monstrous infantry etc. With the preponderance of Monstrous Cavalry/Infantry/Beasts he is essential. I'll just let my Bloodletters go up against everything else.

I'm still undecided as to whether I go with 2 or 3 Hordes on my daemon list for this tournament in February and get some anti-redirectors against those nasty throwaway units. I kind of think better rules would deter chaff redirectors, I may need to drop the third unit. But I will trial a soulgrinder and more fiends.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zombie Dragon and Terrogheist WIP

So Fern has taken some update pics of her pets.They are coming along well.
Aren't they the cutest?

Zoey the Terrorgheist

Leo the Zombie Dragon

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sturm der Magi: Dämonen Vs Vampirfürsten

So finally got around to a storm of magic game last night. I ended up taking:

Lord of Change w/ Master of Sorcery Death, Level 3, Twin heads
Herald of Tzeentch w/ master of Sorcery Light, Spellbreaker
Herald of Khorne BSB firestorm blade and armour of Khorne
Herald of Khorne firestorm blade and armour of Khorne
29 Bloodletters w/ full command
29 Bloodletters w/ full command
22 Horrors w/ full command
3 Screamers
1 Fiend
1 Fiend
1 Giant
1 Chimera w/ poison
1 Cokatrice w/ poison and breath

Nick took;
Vampuire Lord
3 units of 20 Zombies, 30 Skeletons, 25 Ghouls
30 Grave Guard and Wight Lord
2 Mortis Engines (look suspiciously like a giant spider and a terrogheist)
Level 4 Zoat
4 Dragon Ogres

Battles are looking a lot better at the club with new scenery.
It was a fairly brutal match which didn't see much close combat. Hilarious moments included 3 Screamers beign charged by unit of zombies who melted away in the boiling river and then being charged by another unit. Grave guard getting crystal mazed in the first turn as well as all wizards on both sides getting turned into frogs. Cockatrice ate necromancer on one of the Fulcrums. Zoat getting sniped by Lord of change and death spells on fulcrum in the middle. Dragon ogres getting wiped out by Bloodletters, ghouls getting wiped out by bloodletters. Dragon Ogres suck. I won. First Storm of Magic for both of us. Very fun and a little insane.

This is all in preperation though. 

I'm honing in on using big blocks of Bloodletters to the effect that when the teams tournament is in February I'm looking at...

Great Unclean one, level 2, balesword and noxious vapours
1 Herald of Tzeentch, MoS-Lgiht, Spellbreaker and Disc
3 Heralds of Khorne, 1 with AoK and BSB, 2 w/ AoK and FS leading
3 x 29 Units of Bloodletters
2 x 1 Fiends

Brutal what?

There will be enough frontage to not be out maneouvred and the 2 fiends to deal with flankers and chaff. GUO there to deal with anything big and absorb the occasional cannon.

How Brutal?

The Tzeentch Herald with light is there to buff the Bloodletters. I might take Furies instead of one of the fiends but otherwise 

Very brutal.

It's simlar to Mike King's list but with a better Greater Daemon and fiends instead Screamers. I have to practice more with it and get my spellcasting and movement more decisive.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

And the fields ran RED

with the colour of Russians

So I got some Russians this week and my do they look fantastic on their sprues, got so much more detail than the battlefront miniatures. and only took 5 days to deliver from UK there are 130 infantry, 60 Infantry w/ heavy weapons and 5 T34's

I think I have like;

2 to 3 Strelkovy platoons with HQs and Komissars.
3 x3 T34/85s with command tank (10 all up).
4 Mortar teams
7 HMG teams
4 heavy mortar teams
4 anti tank rifle teams.
8 SMG teams
2 Katyushkas
I will be making sapper teams as well.

Now just have to assemble it all and paint it.

Which reminds me, the missus got all my old miniatures I'd gotten in trades over the years out and based them all ready to paint. She likes different stuff to paint, I'm finding girls are more inclined to this,. the Little Dryad is like this as well and is pining for her reaper kickstarter stuff next year. Missus was excited because she ordered this Nethyrmaul.

Now there is a whole bunch of RAFM, Grenadier, Warzone, Chronopia, Harlequin, etc. figures in there. It takes years to get this kind of painting chaff together.

I'm just keen on getting my Mantic stuff which is starting to look real good.I especially like the troll.
 The Paladin is looking great as well.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Scarbrand WIP

Too bad the rules suck, I might just run him as a Minotaur Lord or something.