Friday, March 8, 2013

Green stuff

$25 for 100g

$20 for 20g

'nuff said.


  1. Or you can find 36" of Kneadatite green stuff on EBay for $15...

  2. Nice. Well there you go. the GW stuff is like 6" so that's about $120 worth at GW prices. I like the two seperate tubes as I find some of the greenstuff hardens in the centre if it's side by side ribbons.

  3. Must admit the last pack of greenstuff I got was from The Warstore in the US, years ago... huge roll, still going strong...
    GW pricing... meh!

  4. I sculpt and convert a fair bit, so I've gone through 2 sets of the GF9 tubes in the last year. I do tend to fill all the gaps I can and then use the GW liquid greenstuff to hide the seems and blend and texture.