Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daemons of Chaos Review

I got the book and I must say they've overnerfed some stuff, buffed other stuff and introduced a lot more wackiness to take away the 1 dimensional play the 7th edition list was focused on.

Presentation - 10 out of 10 it is such a prety pretty book, hardback lots of great artwork and stunning pictures. like the WoC book it is. still annoyed at the $18NZD price increase. It was a must buy for me anyway as I have over 12,000 points of daemons anyway.

Layout - 8 out of 10 all the rules are in god specific sections, so everything is relatively easy to find.. I would have preferred an index of special rules on 1 to 2 pages instead of the constant referrals to other pages.

Rules - 7 out of 10 - My first impression is an overall improvement with some weird downpoints.

Stuff I like

  • Epidimius - is awesome. tally is by wounds caused by Daemons of Nurgle either in close combat, shooting or spell damage. so at 7 wound tally, your entire Nurgle daemons plus your opponents get Str 5. Plaguebearers. at 14(the best tally) all damons of Nurgle get +1 Toughness, 21 is Killing Blow for Daemons and 28 is Reroll ward saves for all Nurgle. Str 5 T5 Plaguebearers with poison and killing blow and rerolleable wards, yes please. Str 5 T6 4W beasts of Nurgle with Killing blow and rerolleable ward as backup, yes please. T8 Great Unclean one, oh go on. He's relatively resilient as a character and ay unit of plaguebearers he joins get 5+ poison. you stick some Beasts in front of him to blot out cannons and all of a sudden he's very hard to kill.
  • Beasts of Nurgle - auto include in any army. 5 in a unit and 2 singles is how I've run in my first 2 games and they will suck everything into a massive quicksand tarpit in the middle of the board. Nothing escapes this unit and with epidimius it never ever dies.
  • Plaguebearers - the new core troop of choice. T4 and -1 to hit with poison. most things are hitting you on 5's elites hitting you on 4's and with a failed fear test, everything hits you on 6's. With Epidimius most things are wounding you on 6's as well. so when do you die?
  • Skull Cannons - auto include. 48" flaming cannonball mounted on a chariot with str6 impact hits. I'll take 2.
  • Lore of Nurgle - Stream of Corruption, You vomit on someone's flank, Plaguewind, and the best of all Curse of the leper. It's basically 2 spells in one. Sets you up for all the other spells to make the most out of your spells or artillery or rockhard anvils.
  • Lore of Slaanesh - Random movement is probably the biggest boon, it Makes Slaaneshi armies even more powerful
  • Marked Soulgrinders and Furies, flavourful and beenfits from hold your ground and inspiring presence when marked the same as gerneral/BSB. Nurgle or Khorne ftw.
  • Gifts (very dynamic and allows for some sort of tailoring at start of game for tournaments.) Frequently ended up with extra attacks or always strike first on my GUO. Too bad about armour.
  • Reign of Chaos this is great fun and awesome for chaff killing most of the time. The possession one is so much fun to see your opponent's face. will be occasionally awesome to instakill a level 4.
  • Screamers, Zigzag hitty fun , excellent armachine hunters. Still pretty good.

Stuff I'm gonna try but undecided on yet.

  • the Changeling
  • Pink Horrors
  • Flaming Chariot
  • Plague Drones
  • Karanak and ambushing hounds.
  • Bloodletters
  • Tzeeentch Magic and Warp Flame.

Stuff I don't like

  • Skull throne, talk about a points sink. it's basically an overprice warshrine/chariot that will die really easily. Makes up for the Skull cannon low points cost.
  • Skulltaker 2 wounds at 200 points and dies in a pillow fight.
  • Kairos at 4++ is sucky. and he lost +2 to cast. I though he was supposed to be a sorcerer? He needs to be
  • No access to armour from BRB or from daemon book.
  • No dispel scroll, sure limit spellbreaker to 1, but having no access to some magic protection is a bit on the nose. They overnerfed this.
  • Flamers are still crap.
  • Fiends got overnerfed, most people have to buy at least an extra 1 to even field them. They should have stayed 1+.
  • Daemon Prince, more expensive than the WoC daemon prince and easier to kill. You'll never see these in a DoC army. 25 points access to BRB would have fixed this. Would have like 5+ scaled skin as well. I think GW left out a page.
  • The Masque - Again, overnerf.
  • Ku'gath Way too expensive and only level 1, he has 2 extra attacks over a GUO and -3 levels and is a stonethrower. not really worth it.
  • Blue scribes- again got overnerfed. So lame.

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