Monday, May 28, 2012

Daemonic progression

So I'm off to setting goals, and once we get a battery for the camera can start taking photos again. This week I'm painting my bloodcrushers and my Khorne Herald on Chariot. I probably wont field  them too often except in fluffy Khorne Daemon only battles ( I can probably do 2500pts pure Khorne).

To round it out next month I'll be getting a Daemon Battalion, the month after I will get Kairos Fateweaver, this little beauty and this gross puppy and desperately seeking another 10 metal Plaguebearers including command to finish out my Daemons.

Great Unclean One
48 Bloodletters
The Changeling
16 Plaguebearers
Beast of Nurgle
6 bases of Nurglings

Needs touching up
The Tzeentch stuff needs touching up as I painted it many years ago and is mostly 3rd/4th edition stuff (the best Tzeentch-when horrors had individual names).
Lord of Change
80 Horrors (I refuse to call them pink as I want them to bring back the splitting rule) + 8  new Horrors (2 are getting converted into blue scribes)
20 Flamers
5 Screamers
1 Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot
2 Heralds of Tzeentch on foot
1 Herald of Tzeentch on disc

Assembled and in various states of painting
Skarbrand (conversion)
The Masque
15 Fleshounds
6 Blood Crushers
1 Herald of Khorne on Chariot
Herald of Slaanesh
26 daemonettes
3 Fiends of Slaanesh
12 Seekers of Slaanesh

Future Purchases
Kairo Fateweaver
Armoured Herald of Khorne
Herald of Nurgle
20 Bloodletters
The Blue scribes (2 horrors and a conversion)
3 Seekers
10 Daemonettes
8 horrors
1 Seeker Chariot (old chaos warrior chariot + 2 seekers and 1 herald)
10 Plaguebearers


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

VC vs Demons March 2012

Ok, so a couple of months ago my friend came over and we played 2000 point battle.
I took:

Herald of Khorne
23 Bloodletters

Herald of Khorne BSB
23 Bloodletters

Herald of Tzeentch
26 Horrors

5 Fleshounds

1 Bloodcrusher

2 x 4 Flamers

2 Fiends of Slaanesh.

Deploying for meeting engagement, the lines are lengths of wool, it works really well.

I put my Bloodletters behind my horrors, so not the right location. *sigh*

Terrorgheist facing off to flamers in a venom thicket. Measuring stand and shoot distance just out of range.

Grave guard matching it up with T7 Horrors and what's left of the ghouls unit that got dwellered. Flamers need paint touching up too.

Trying to take out the indominateably huge Terrorgheist.

And another action shot.

So yeah you can see a lot of difference into what's been completed since the previous time I took pictures. Boards are all done and scenery that I have is about 30 odd pieces and 95% done. They do look good compared to last battle report. Since this battle I've managed to complete all my Nurgle and the 2 units of Bloodletters. I'll take some more pictures once we can find the camera cable to ercharge the camera.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our first game of 8th edition circa August 2011

It's a bit of a trip down memory lane from a year ago when Fern and I had 4000 points intro game to 8th edition of my Daemon's versus her Vampire Counts. Since taking these pictures, I've finished all the terrain here including painting and flock three 2"x4" gaming boards, painted all of my nurgle and rank filler, painted most of my Khorne.

 The battle is joined.

Staring down the line as the troops clash together.

Vlad trying to fit in. 20mm base might be too small for him.

  Plaguebearers being whittle down whilst bloodletters close in on the flanks.

Necromancers getting a beatdown.

Epidimius and the GUO close in for the kill now Vlad has resurrected himself.

Cornered the game ends. My bloodcrushers didn't even make it into combat.

Which tally really counts...

As to what we are doing now: Fern's been in horde painting mode for the last couple of weeks since she discovered garden stakes and I'm painting slowly my bloodcrushers and more speedily a couple of big monsters as a present for my son's 11th birthday.

From the Archives

We originally published this over at our other blog. We thought it would be nice to move the wargaming stuff we're doing over to this blog.

Article begins thusly....
I'm so proud  of my lil' sis -> Baby sister winning Highpoint GW Armies on Parade.

As requested by my dear sister and her beau Elton.

Alternate Arcane Fulcrums for Storm of Magic; I modelled these on what Kevin's reach would look like in The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, especially the last 2.

Arcane Fulcrum 1

Arcane Fulcrum 1

Arcane Fulcrum 1 top view

Arcane fulcrum 2

Arcane Fulcrum 2

Arcane fulcrum 3

Arcane Fulcrum 3

Arcane Fulcrum 4

Arcane Fulcrum 4

And on the the miniatures, or some of them....

Khorne Ogre

Khorne Ogre

Khorne Ogre

Goblin Mutant

Goblin Mutant

Goblin Mutant Standard bearer

The Skulltaker

The Skulltaker

The Skulltaker

The Skulltaker

what I'm currently painting, 40 Bloodletters, 6 Bloodcrusher riders and a Skarbrand


Top 1 of 7 cabinet left side, Nurgle Daemons, Slaanesh daemons

top 1 of 7 cabinet right side, Khorne Daemons

top 2 of 7 cabinet right side, mixture of stuff

top 2 of 7 cabinet middle

top 2 of 7 cabinet left side, warmachine, mordheim and necromunda escher

top 3 of 7 cabinet right side bretonnians

top3 of 7 cabinet middle, more bretonnians

top 3 of 7 cabinet right side, and even more bretonnians

middle shelf on cabinet left side, tzeentch flying circus daemons

middle shelf on cabinet in middle, even more flamy Tzeentch goodness

middle shelf on cabinet right side, and the rest including flying chariot.

As you can see i need to really clean things up. will paint up and see if I can take better photos of my Khorne Daemons soon. Hoping to get all the bloodletters painted before the weekend.

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