Wednesday, November 6, 2013

25pts of Trollblood goodness

My love affair with privateer press toook a turn today. Lookie what I got in mail. Trollbloods for me and Circle for the Daughter. Specifically, Trollkin Champions, Fennblades, Krielstone Bearers.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Warmahordes, Puppet Wars and Malifaux WIP post skitterleap

It's been a while since last non - warhammer post and we're fully into Warmahordes at the moment. It's turning out to be a blast and Chris Otton is running a Journeyman league at our club.  This is what is on our painting trays at the moment post Skitterleap.

Fern's Ogryn Spears (I call them all James Hetfield).

Fern's Forsaken, Lilyth and Carnivean

Fern's Shepherd and 4 Rippers.

My trollbloods getting a lick of paint and some tartan. Just waiting on Fennblades, Trollkin Champions and Krielstone.

Ashely's Circle coming along nicely.
Malifaux Entertainers, Pandora, Candy and Undead whores getting first coasts and washes/inks.

More of entertainers, mannequins and undead whores. It's nice to paint some dresses occasionally. chose nice bright colours. Not sure I will ever play the game but I have Perdita's crew as well to assemble.

Puppetwars coming along nicely and a reaper bones mini... and yes that is two more Seamus's

4ground laser  precut and prepainted house for the club donated by John from Pukeko Games.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Legion are coming...

So, once again, the wifey has stolen the blog, since Sam's so busy over at Kiwihammer nowadays.  And I have a new pet project, to give me a break from painting the 160 Skaven sitting on the painting tray at the moment.

Yes, I have started collecting Warmachine: Hordes, in preparation for starting our local gaming club's Journeyman league next week.  And even better, my daughter has asked for Hordes minis for her birthday and is going to jump into the league herself.

So now to assemble, paint and learn the rules for my brand new Legion of Everblight faction, as well as the basics of Circle of Orboros (to teach my daughter).

Gotta love a hobby that drags in the whole family and gets us hanging out together.

Love to all till next time,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wifey's monstrous goodness

Someone on Twitter was asking Sam just how large the Reaper Kaladrax & Nethyrmaul models were...  And as he's a Brettonian and VC player, I decided to stage a couple of scale shots for him :)

So, here's to you, JW

Nethyrmaul & friends
Kaladrax & friends

Kaladrax gives his little bro a cuddle with his tail
The whole family :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Loot at the End of the World.

I'm mosying along in my hobby, dabbling in Chaos Space Marines, Pink Horrors and the 13th beast for Tauranga Open. More on that on Kiwihammer list later. Planning on a Daemon review and an alternate Miniatures in the near future for our newer episodes.

Reaper Minis are on their way, so could be here any day as it's been 7 days since shipped. This is what I'm expecting below. Approximately 700 miniatures. Check them out as they've been just released on the Reaper website with prices.

3 Vampire Packages $975 (Paid $225 with Sophie $25 Swapout)
Mythos Monsters x1 ($3.29+ $5.99 + $2.49) = $11.77 (Paid $10)
Fire Giant Warriors x1 ($8.99 + $8.99) = $17.98 (Paid $10)
C'thulhu x1 ($39.99) (Paid $10)
Kaladrax Reborn x1 ($74.99) (Paid $10)
Nethyrmaul x1 ($39.99 (Paid $25)
Red Dragon x1 ($14.99) (Paid $10)
Frost Giants x1 ($9.99 + $7.99) = $17.98 (Paid $10)
Fire Giants x1 ($9.99 + $7.99)= $17.98 (Paid $10)
Storm Giants x1 (9.99 + $6.99) = $15.98 (Paid $10)
Hydra x1 ($19.99) (Paid $15)
Clockwork Dragon x2 ($24.99) = $49.98 (Paid $30)
Undead Giant x1 ($14.99) (Paid $10)
Chronoscope x1 (2.29 + 2.49 +2.29 +2.29 +2.29 (4 of them not released) =11.65 (Paid $11)
Deathsleet x2 ($19.99) = $39.98 (Paid $20)
There Be Dragons x2 ($12.99 + $11.99) = $49.96 (Paid $30)
Shipping $50

Total at RRP $1413.20 (Paid $496 incl Shipping) So it's a about 60% of a saving overall. Not bad at all. They're doing another kickstarter next month. Woe. This is across 5 of us in the household.

Mantic last wave of Kings of War Kickstarter should be here anyday as well. Looking forward to using the gargoyle's as Bringer of the Swarm for my daemons (and marking some as Tzeentch and other's as Khorne) and the trolls for my Orc army but mostly for my WoC army.

45 Gargoyles.
5 Abyssal Dwarf Immortal Guard.
5 Elf Stormwind Cavalry.
5 Twilight Kin Dark Riders.
5 Celestian Sisters.
5 Celestian Men-at-Arms.
5 Celestian Paladins.
5 Celestian Knights.
12 Trolls
8 Characters
and a book.

Haven't heard much about raging heroes kickstarter but just early days yet. They are 3d sculpting from what I gather. Dark Elves for Games workshop are rumoured for 2 months so RH might kick off their next Kickstarter then.

Mierce next kickstarter is on the 16th September it appears. Hmmm.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Puppet Wars 1st 3 Puppets WIP

My wife and I cracked open the plastic puppetwars a couple of weekends ago and I've started painting some of the little tyches. Quite a novel painting project and makes a break from painting Daemons all the time.

44 Plank Bases

Malifaux Cherub WIP

Razorspine Rattler WIP

Rotten Belle

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Boring Blogger

So most of my creative energies has been pooled into Kiwihammer at the moment. I'm still looking at doing most of my non warhammer related stuff on this blog so have been focusing mainly on warhammer lately. This blog will retain mostly Flames of War, D&D, miscellaneous miniatures and what not. Here is a little fun I had on the weekend with my Nurgley boys.

How to win a Tournament by the Skin of one's Teeth

Cracked open a copy of old Puppet wars last night and going to paint them up and help paint and assemble the new plastic Puppet Wars with the missus. Cute and evil, they should be a fun project.

Have recieved 2nd wave of Mantic stuff and submitted my survey for 3rd wave, going for 40 gargoyles (for bringer of the swarm) and another 12 Trolls for my monster mash WOC list.

Still waiting on Reaper Bones kickstarter notification. Just slightly peeved it's been 2 months since they first started shipping. It's getting kind of IRRITATING!!!1!

I ended up pledgin 165 for Raging heroes Kickstartr which should be done in...god knows when, just money off into the ether for lots and lots of miniatures sometime in the future.

John from Pukeko Games is closing down and will be getting rid of his stock. It's too bad because he was like the only stockist of Reaper in the country. Damn.

Seeing if we can do 1000 points of Flames of War down the club on Thursday and decide on team names for NZTC.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alternate Ogres from Mantic.

These are models from Titan Games facebook page. Can't wait for mine. They are the best plastic Ogres it looks like on the market.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Kings of War Ogre Chariots and Kickstarter update.

Well not so new they seem to combine the new orc chariot and put an ogre on top. And what looks like to be a baggage cart as well. Goblins will be helping out (plus gnoblars) so it's all good. This is one of the new army deals
Also they are starting to ship wave 2 this weekend so I eagerly await my confimation email and my stuff in the next 2 weeks. Bring it on.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So you may have heard rumours and innuendo, but yeah, me and a bunch of guys from NZ are starting Kiwihammer, first NZ podcast. Jeff Kent(,  James Brown, Locky Reid and Sam Whitt ( and myself will talk all manner of bullshit on our first official podcast next week. We'll be talking/blogging/pontificating about all things warhammer and fantasy gaming, including modelling, painting, converting and of course tournaments.

I'll be posting still to this blog but focusing most of my Fantasy stuff over there at

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Horned Gobbo - Jinx list

I'm crafting up a Jinx list as to the scarier of the lists for me.. There is a lot of filth at this tournament, very hard selection of lists. One or two softer lists but 80-90% really hard.

The underachievers. These are the people who have the goods to get it done but need to focus on the ball - Nic Jebson, Simon Switzer, Hamish Gordon, Joel van de Ven-Long ( I swear his name gets longer each tournament).

Scariest Lists for me.

#5 BOTWD crutch on white lions list. There are 3 of these; hide army behind line of white lions and chars in white lions. Graeme Fry, John Murrie (this is like revenge for Runefang isn't it?), Hugh Dixon are off my christmas list.

#4 Orcs and gobbos, level 4 SO shaman, double doom diver, double rock lobber, double mangler. I think it's now for O& G to shine. Special mention goes to my wife for taking 80 poison shots. Jeff and Fern are taking these lists.

#3 Dan B - I changed my mind about this one. One of the only lists taking lore of Metal. Both lizards are playing light and there is 5 CW armies.

#2 Thomas Van Rockel - All the toys double deathstars and 3 x2 Mournfang Cavalry. List is tight.

#1 "Hamish/Pete Abomination" list although Pete has tried and tested filth list, 94/100 pts out of last tournament with this list. Special mention for Locky's Twin Towers as should be fun.

I'm taking my fluff list again. Need top 10 to be in running for Masters. That's what I'm aiming for and to have fun. Most important to have fun, be hard, but have fun.

Reaper Bones Kickstarter all orders finally shipping

From reaper on Kickstarter Page

We received the last container today and with an already exhausted and short crew in about three hours we pumped out over 400 orders. We are shooting for about 2000 a day when we are able to spend all day at it with a full crew. So, yes, the madness has now begun for real! It is really happening! Keep you email boxes open for your confirmation of shipping!

People in the US recieving their confirmation emails.

Can't wait for mine.

Monday, June 17, 2013

What I've been up to, either side of the house move

So, either side of the move this is what I've been up to.


Slaughter Master alternative (Reaper Miniature)


Bruiser BSB conversion


Bragg The Gustman, Nice model, Crap rules

Hamish's Throgg WIP, Nick is taking him this Saturday to Horned Rat

And Skullcannon WIP.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Horned Gobbo List - Nurgle Daemons...again.

So I did fairly well at the last tournament getting 4th out of a field of 28, It's been a really busy month so haven't painted much more of my Nurgle army. I've only changed a few things, added 1 extra beast and dropped my Nurglings plus put plague proboscis on my Plague drones and a standard to add extra boost for Blood and Glory..

Great Unclean One, level 4 Nurgle, Exalted Gift, Lesser Gift
Herald of Nurgle, BSB, Greater Gift
29 Plaguebearers w/ full command
20 Plaguebearers w/ full command
5 Beasts of Nurgle
1 Beast of Nurgle
1 Beast of Nurgle
5 Furies of Nurgle
5 Furies of Nurgle
3 Plague Drones, Plague Proboscis, Standard bearer, Gleaming Pennant

Again got my anvil of 29 Plaguebearers, 20 Plaguebearers as a utility/watchtower unit, an absolute tarpit and a bit of punch in 5 Beasts of Nurgle, strong punch with GUO and probable Eternal Blade, Chaff and utility with two single beasts and furies of Nurgle, and Epidemius to toughen out the army. Plague Drones are fairly strong and tough as well so will be most likely shoving them forward or towards a flank.

I really need to remember to roll to add plaguebearers for spell kills.

I'm overall happy with the list, it's an all comers army and not too cheesy, If I do the same as last tournament I'll hopefully get into masters. Just have to stay away from High Elf players this tournament and kill the rest of their crap.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mantic Kickstarted 2nd wave not shipping before the end of the month

Just got an email from Stewart at Mantic Games regarding shipping dates.

"Hi Sam

Nothing is shipping before the end of this month – we will put out an update on the Kickstarter page when everything goes out :-).


Stewart Gibbs"

I guess I just keep my eyes peeled for the shipping update.