Monday, May 4, 2015

Chunuk Bair display at Great War Museum.

The Exhibition is now open, What we've been working on the last 2 months. After hundreds of hours of painting and hundreds of dollars of paint later finally get to show off the diorama
The field of Dead, Photo
You can check out some of the first pictures allowed online here taken by Roly...

What my painting tray looked like for 2 months, Turks go in, Turks go out, Anzacs go in, Anzacs go out.
Painting ad nauseum tempered by Firefly

Turks and Anzacs in Various stages of Painting, this was our first painting battlestation.

Bala (Bruce) painting away

Dave "you guys suckered me in again"

My friend Timon who could have painted his own figures but decided to get stuck in anyway.

Roly, the Diorama Project official scribe, Check it his wonderful effort here
one week left to go and she goes in head first, boots and all and whatnot.
Yours truly, happy as a pig in mud.
Second battlestation at the Campbell household standardising and repainting figures, mostly Auckland mounted rifles.

My pallete.

Assembling the rest of Machine guns and repainting them. I ended up doing an additional 10 pairs of  crew, 3 of which were Perry Greens sculpted the previous night.

3rd painting Battlestation "The Last Push", the very last repainted miniatures 120+.
The Last Push, Ashley painting the last of the Turkish Officers.

The Last Push, Bruce working meticulously.

Evelyn painting away.

Fern "the painting Machine"

Us going Crazy from painting (or from the primer fumes)

The benefits for giving up one's time and volunteering
Meeting my favourite Sculptors from when I was a boy.
Getting to meet Peter Jackson

TV, what's TV?

Being on National TV and gettinng my name spelt correctly.

...and getting some local Ink.
And to end it all a sneaky picture taken by the wife late at night in bed.