Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Final Rites For Daemons 7th ed.

The grave has been dug ready to bury 7th edition, but not yet buried, still have 1 more weekend to play with at Natcon, and I plan to go out in style. 2 Hordes of 37 and 39 Bloodletters, Herald of Khorne leading each, two heralds of tzeentch (light and death) 1 with wings, 1 with scroll, Bunker of horrors, 2 x 3 Screamers, furies, 2x1 bloodcrushers, 2x1 fiends, and a Beast.

Nurgle is around the corner as I'm running some games with them and they're hard as as Herman found out.
EPICdemius about to be pwned, I don't think so. (picture by Herman)

Extra unit of plaguebearers built on the weekend. Need some drones and maybe some more Beasts of Nurgle.

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