Wednesday, March 13, 2013

...oh no, not the DIP!!!

Fern has been painting all of hamish's Skaven in return for babysitting. so she's down to the base coats and all of a sudden comes out the dip.


Previous users of Dip have not faired so well.
I paint my troops slow compared to Fern and have had an avid hatred of dip for many years. Inking is very similar but slow. This was fast and not too bad looking either. The Skaven look good and I might even try it with my Mantic Orcs.I might not ever dip but a heavy coating with a thick brush might be my style.'s the dip.

Dip Production line.
Dippity dooda!

All dipped and drying.
Oh and the missus got some squigs for her Night gobbos.
Then we cleaned off the skaven bases with turps after they dried to some Cyprus hill in the background, it felt somehow appropriate.


  1. Looking good, Houston...It's not so much the DIP that I worry about, it's the CHIP. Quickshade just tastes absolutely hideous. Would never recommend it for a party!
    Joking aside, have never had the guts to try it on my precious models. Went as far as buying a can of Estapol with the intention of making my own, adding GW inks, but have not actually done it as yet. I think that was about 4 years or more ago...estapol is still sitting on the shelfstapol.

  2. Ohwellstapol. I'm gonna try it on cheap miniatures anyways. Not on my daemons. Never.