Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Runefang to do list.

After deciding mainly what I'm taking to Runefang.

 I have the models I need. Green is completed, orange is properly underway, red is not even painted/assembled. This will obviously come down once I have my fully fledged out list.

Great Unclean One

(needs a touch up and some repinning)

Herald of Nurgle
Either convert a standard for him or buy new model

60 Plaguebearers incl 2 command sets
20+ mostly painted, 20 assembled, 10 being stripped

Plaguebearer rank filler.
Bases allocated not yet started

7 Beasts of Nurgle
1 fully painted, 6 undercoated, some more conversions needed/altered (don't quite rank up properly) 2 are being stripped at the moment.

10 Furies of Nurgle

Started Assmbling and converting gargoyles.

12 bases of Nurglings
Touch up painting and finishing off

1 Soulgrinder of Nurgle
Base model assembled it needs nurglefying and painting

3 Plague Drones
Needs assembling

Moar Furies (in case I take bringer of the Swarm)
Thinking flies on 25mm bases.

Some cursed Bulwarks/towers of Nurgle (in case I take rock of inevitablity)
I need to build these. I'm thinking 2 towers and 6 walls

Display carry base
need to buy this and model/flock

5 Trees of Nurgle
(extra scenery)
Sturcture made. Need to sculpt.

Methinks it's time to get my hobby on.

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