Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Myths of Epidemius in a portaloo.

There are bigger and nastier threats out there than me. This man for instance... I'll leave you to decide who he is.

Been reading twitter, Wow, do I feel like I'm going to be a target on the weekend. Epidemius in a Portaloo. Well really.

I played 1 game against Sam where Epidmius didn't really have an effect.  It was like this Sam miscasting on his Prophet on a carpet and losing 3 levels, me getting two consecutive snake eyes on daemonic instability for my beasts combat versus K'dai getting 10 wounds back each time, then Curse of the leper on his unit of Infernal guard and Plague Winding through the unit (killing 20+). by the time the GUO charged into the flank of his K'dai with the Eternal blade (8 Str 10 hits) we called it. Bad luck for Sam, good luck for me.

Possible combinations I can get on GUO that might be worth half a damn before the protalglyph.

Reroll on exalted table and a free lesser gift (random)
Eternal blade (Choice)
+2 Toughness (T9 GUO) (Random)

Then the following.

Portalglyph (Choice)
Free dispel die. (Random)
+3 attacks (or  just default to eternal blade Random)
Bringer of the swarm (Free Furies) (Random)
Rock of Inevitability (Free terrain) (Choice) (maybe against Dwarfs if there isn't enough terrain)

Then probably ASF or sword of swift slaying.

Possible combinations on Greater gift table for my Herald
Fencer's blades.

There is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there at the moment. The main threats are the 2 skaven lists, the empire list and the hoard of dwarves invading the gaming scene at the moment.


  1. I don't blame you for taking Epidemius this weekend; he's legal after all, he brings a hell of a lot to a Nurgle Daemon army, and as the book is so new, we don't know that he is broken. We only suspect that he is, but proof will only come from running him.

    So it's good that you're running him. Hiding him in a Portaloo is legal according to the Umpire, so again, no problems there. You might not need to if there's a nice bit of terrain to hide behind anyway.

    Having said that, I suspect that Epidemius is a strong candidate for the red-card club, with Teclis and Thorek. He brings so much for such a low cost that I'd be amazed if he's allowed to play with the other kids for much longer. Even if GW FAQ that he can't sit in the Portaloo (and that's a 50/50 call at best with them), he's still just a little bit too good.

    Only my opinion of course, and like I said, we need to see him in action to see if the theoryhammer stacks up.

    Good luck on the weekend.

  2. So if I 20-0 Pete Dunn will he get candidated for red card?

    Good thing is I only had to buy a box of 10 Plaguebearers, 10 Furies and 3 Drones to get me up to this list. It just had the daemon book to come in line with what I was already painting.

    Thanks Tane and may you have good luck beating all those Empire, Skaven and Lizard players.

  3. I suspect he's no more broken than the myriad of other filthy options that will be on display for the weekend. Some on Twitter are too quick to call filth and frankly playing with and against filth is a part of what the competitive scene is about.

    1. Tru dat. I mean you're taking an absolutely filth skink cloud list;-)

      As to Epidmius, He's 200 points and fairly vulnerable. Best yet he is one of 3 major threats in the army.