Sunday, April 14, 2013

Final List for Runefang

So I've submitted my final list for Runefang.

Great Unclean One, Level 4, Exalted gift, Lesser Gift
Herald of Nurgle, BSBS, Greater Gift
30 Plaguebearers, Full Command
20 Plaguebearers, Full Command
4 Beasts of Nurgle
1 Beast of Nurgle
1 Beast of Nurgle
5 Furies of Nurgle
5 Furies of Nurgle
2 Nurglings
3 Plague Drones

Pure Nurgle Filth and aboslutely rock 'ard. It plays like a hand of MTG. I'm very impressed with the plague drones and extra furies over the soulgrinder. I kind of wished there was a cheaper Nurgle artillery option like Tzeetnch and Khorne got. 315 points for Soulgrinder which doesn't hold it's own in combat half the time. 

After a bit more playtesting I ditched 1 unit of Nurglings to get a larger unit of Plaguebearers up to 30 strong and my second unit, EPICdemius' Bodyguard up to 20. I've even started naming my beasts.


  1. Nice list, pretty hard if Epidemius survives for long.

    What's your interpretation on Epidemius being in a Portaglyph? Do you think he can still have an effect even if he's not present on the table, due to him being 'alive'?

  2. RAW you can hide Epidimius and still count as collecting tally, some people are comparing him to schroedinger's cat when people do this. I expect it to be faqqed as I'd like a clarification for warpflame.

    Most times I'll be going for Eternal blade and hiding him behind a building or on top of a hill until either his tally is up to 14 or all cannons and stone throwers are dead. Or out of range.

  3. I think that hiding Epidemius in the Portaglyph and claiming his bonus is contentious to say the least; I know I'd have problems accepting in-game effects from a model that's not on the table. I've seen the arguments for this, and I disagree with them.

    It does need a FAQ, but in the absence of one from GW, you might want to run this past Pete Williamson, to get a ruling on it for Runefang. It's not an issue if you do run the Eternal Blade for all your games, but it might be a cause for argument if you do decide to Portaglyph him in a game. Better a neutral ruling on it beforehand so you can plan your games accordingly.

  4. I've asked Peter for a clarification around Epidemius and the Portalglyph, and also a clarification on the size dimensions for cursed bulwark and cursed towers for Rock of Inevitability. Seems you can go as high as you like with the walls.

  5. Sweet as. Whatever he rules will be fine.

  6. Question: if I put Epidmius on the lip of a hill can you not target him with cannon fire? Because if you aim the cannon at him it's always going to overshoot and if you aim it anywhere before him ie. on the ground before the hill it will always bounce into the hill?

  7. Cannonballs can bounce up hills, but not through them. So if he's on the forward slope (the side of the hill facing the cannon), a model can be hit. Also, if a model is taller than the hill (easy enough with most hills), a cannon ball bouncing over the crest will still hit him even if he's on the reverse slope. Best if he's out of TLOS altogether.

    It's not a very clear situation, and where hills have obvious cliffs or steep slopes, discuss with your opponent on what will stop a cannon ball. The Temple of Skulls hill by GW will probably do it, but then the grassy sloped ones won't.

    Muzzle loading cannons have a fairly low muzzle-velocity, round shot and a ballistic trajectory, so bouncing uphill is easily done.