Friday, April 5, 2013

Daemonic Instability, my Lovely Wife and Nurgle.

One Skaven/Chaos Warrior/High elf Player I know and I have been having a "debate" about daemonic Instability. Is it the difference between your dice roll and your leadership - the combat modifiers in combat or is it the combat modifiers modified to your leadership and then you roll.  Well it appears it is the second. Just to add a little more oomph to the discussion my wife, bless her, decided to email one of the playtesters Ben Curry about clarifying the changes to ease her poor soul;

Hi Ben,

I'm hoping you can give a poor wife her sanity back, and help my husband and his mates settle something...  They've all started talking about how the new daemonic instability works, and whether combat results modify the leadership prior to rolling the 2D6 or not.  Personally, I quite like the idea of my husband losing vast quantities of wounds, and don't like the idea of his maximum wounds loss being limited to 11 or so, but I figured for marital harmony, I might as well ask.  It doesn't seem particularly clear, so I was wondering if either you've already discussed this and we've all managed to miss it, or whether there's a chance it could be slipped in to a future podcast?

Here's hoping I can go back to focusing on my night goblins and learning the more indepth rules of the game instead of listening to endless debates!

Thanks so very much in advance! 

Fern Campbell

Sam & Fern Campbell
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I get a text from my friend saying that my wife's question was on the podcast bad dice daily. Not to mention Pete Dunn mentioned it in his blog fields of blood a few weeks back.

Fast forward to last night against Sam's Chaos Dwarfs. So it appears to work a little like this. Sam's Infernal guard and K'dai Destroyer charge my Beasts of Nurgle. They end up doing 8 wounds + 2 ranks + charge + standard. My Great Unclean one was within 18"  so I need to roll a 0 basically but at the moment I'm losing by 11. I roll a double 1 and get all my models back, I then proceed to lose 2 wounds due to me rolling 2 above my altered leadership. next combat was the same, I rolled double 1s again. on the thrid combat he ended up getting me down again to 0 Leadership although I was losing by 10, I roll a 4 and only lose 4 wounds even though I was losing by 9 -11, which was -2 leadership, since any leadership characteristic can not be lower than 0 or higher than 10, my losses capped out whereas in last edition I would have lost more wounds. This is a major change for Daemons and makes them infinitely more surviveable against a significant number of attacks like witch elves, savage orcs, etc.

Combine with the toughness denial Epidimius brings to Nurgle daemons not getting wounded and not only are you losing less models to daemonic instability overall. Expect to see more great weapons.

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