Monday, April 1, 2013

Natcon Wrapup: End of Day 3

Bowling into the last day I was tied for 1st with Mal. Forgot to take pictures as was really bloody tired.

Round 7
Mal Patel (Lizardmen) 7-13- This basically ended up in us taking 1 objective each and Mal Shooting the crap out of one of my bloodletter units. and cleaning out my chaff. Things did not start well when he final transmutated my general in the first turn. gg 6 dice. Ah well. Managed to hold on to a 5 point objective with a beast of Nurgle, taking my points of objectives to 25/30 for the weekend.

Not much left of my Bloodletter horde. Photo by Mike King

I was kind of hoping my Bloodcrusher and fiend would deal some damage to Mal's Scar Vet. Photo by Mike King

Round 8
Aaron Hodson (Ogres) 13-7 - I love it when Mournfangs and Iron blasters bounce. Right off a bloodletter horde. BOING! 2nd best moment was when my Beast of Nurgle ate his Stonehorn mano e mano. We only got to turn 4 and I purple sun misfire and dimensional cascaded my death mage...again. And on the flank as well. Sigh. I still wasn't able to get to 1st or second place after this game but was able to with my painting points take out 3rd place.
Ogres deployed as far back as possible. Photo by Mike King

Morunfang charge furies and over run into Bloodletter unit which eats 3 Mournfangs. Yummy. Photo by Mike King
20 points for the last day wasn't too bad. I was quite surprised to hear I had gotten 3rd place with my painting tipping it in my favour as I'd only scored average on the last day. When you spend ages and ages painting your daemons it makes it all the more worth it. Very chuffed as it was my 2nd nz tournament and 2nd tournament in 10 years.

1st: Sam Whitt (Dark Elves)
2nd: Mal Patel (Lizardmen)
3rd: Samuel Campbell (Daemons of Chaos)

Best Sport: Brendon Johnston (Beastmen)
I didn't get to even speak to Brendon the whole tournament and wasn't matched up against him, but I hear he was a really good player to go up against.

Best Army: Charlie Lloyd (Tomb Kings)
Loved Charlie's army it was the only army that you could pick out from the other side of the room and had excellent colour selection.

1st: Simon Switzer (Dwarf’s)
2nd: Mark Skilton (Vampire Counts)
Last: Fern Campbell (Orcs and Goblins)

Simon has the goods to take a lot of damage from all his oppenents. I had to use all of my daemony goodness to destroy his army. It was brutal.

The missus had tonnes of fun and I might get her to do some summaries of her battles. She's the top ranked female in the country though. She has mentioned she got more awards than I did on multiple occassions (bringing a knife to a gunfight and doing the most damage to her own army). As Jeff said "He didn't have the balls to take a night goblin only army to a tourney", she replied "neither did I".

The final totals were

Player Name Army Battle Point Total Sports Total Painting Total Overall Total
Sam Whitt Dark Elves 116 20 16.5 76.25
Mal Patel Lizardmen 112 20 14 73
Samuel Campbell Daemons of Chaos 101 20 15.5 68.25
Jeff Kent Lizardmen 101 20 12 66.5
Mark Skilton Vampire Counts 94 20 18 66
Hamish Gordon Skaven 91 20 11 61
Bo Paterson Lizardmen 85 20 15.5 60.25
Simon Switzer Dwarfs 89 20 11 60
Stuart Robinson Warriors of Chaos 79 20 12.5 55.75
Darren Smucar Ogre Kingdoms 79 20 12 55.5
James Millington Warriors of Chaos 77 20 13 55
Neil Williamson Dwarfs 79 20 10.5 54.75
Aaron Hodson Ogre Kingdoms 75 20 12 53.5
Brendon Johnston Beastmen 72 20 12 52
Nicholas Jebson Orcs and Goblins 64 20 12 48
Charlie Lloyd Tomb Kings 43 20 15.5 39.25
Joel McNelly Warriors of Chaos 42 20 16 39
Fern Campbell Orcs and Goblins 16 20 14 25

Player Name Army Victory Point Total
Simon Switzer Dwarfs 14313
Mal Patel Lizardmen 13660
Mark Skilton Vampire Counts 12084
Sam Whitt Dark Elves 12018
Bo Paterson Lizardmen 11599
Darren Smucar Ogre Kingdoms 11392
Samuel Campbell Daemons of Chaos 10501
Neil Williamson Dwarfs 9690
Nicholas Jebson Orcs and Goblins 9422
Hamish Gordon Skaven 9400
Jeff Kent Lizardmen 9177
James Millington Warriors of Chaos 8796
Brendon Johnston Beastmen 8762
Aaron Hodson Ogre Kingdoms 7599
Joel McNelly Warriors of Chaos 7501
Stuart Robinson Warriors of Chaos 5580
Charlie Lloyd Tomb Kings 5154
Fern Campbell Orcs and Goblins 4487

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