Thursday, April 18, 2013

Papa Sam Nurgle and Runefang: Update 2

Painting Queue
Bit of a big update. Green is completed, orange is properly underway, red is not even painted/assembled. This will obviously come down once I have my fully fledged out list.

Great Unclean One

(needs a touch up and some repinning)

Herald of Nurgle
Either convert a standard for him or buy new model

60 Plaguebearers incl 2 command sets
20+ mostly painted, 30 being painted
2 Squads of Furies and the rest of my Plaguebearers.

Plaguebearer rank filler.
Bases allocated not yet started

7 Beasts of Nurgle
1 fully painted, 6 more under way, 2 more not being used.



Molly the Mollusc


"Snuffy" Snuffulfugus gets promoted from sesame street chracter to beast of Nurgle


10 Furies of Nurgle

Converted and halfway painted

Squadron leader Royal Nurgle A Squad (Chaos fury of Nurgle)

12 bases of Nurglings
Touch up painting and finishing off

1 Soulgrinder of Nurgle

Base model assembled it needs nurglefying and painting. Not attending

3 Plague Drones

Basic assembled. Painting core of model and then assembling and pinting wings once core body is done.

Body coming along nicely on Nurgle Plague Drone.
Plague Drones behind Beasts of Nurgle.

Moar Furies (in case I take bringer of the Swarm)
Thinking flies on 25mm bases.

Some cursed Bulwarks/towers of Nurgle (in case I take rock of inevitablity)
I need to build these. I'm thinking 2 towers and 6 walls

Display carry base
need to buy this and model/flock

4 Trees of Nurgle
(extra scenery)
Sturcture made. Sculpted and flocked, may need more sculpting

More to come, Making a lot of progress now I got my painting Mojo on.


  1. It's gonna be a hard run to the finish line mate, keep it up!

  2. Thanks Jeff. I've got a tonne done in the last week so I'm happy with my progress. Just got my Cork board to make a display base.

  3. Any more pics of the Nurgle Furies ?