Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Runefang Aftermath

Feeling very wiped out the day after Runefang. Never took the Portaloo and it even made for some fantastic cat and mouse tactics.

Drones dealing to the EOTG.

Round 1: 11-9 Vs Hamish Gordon (Skaven) Dawn Attack
Another game against Hamish. Sigh. Due to Hamish failing miserably at rolling dreaded 13th the whole game this was basically a war of attrition with me takin more points off of him and him not being able to kill Epidemius. My Furies were able to get into the rear of his army and clean up his Warp lightning cannon. Hamish fluffed most of his dreaded 13th casts which was good. We only got to round 4 and I probably would have cleaned up his bell with another 2 full game turns with my unit of beasts.  I would have had my Great Unclean one romping through into his unit of stormvermin or his bell in the final turn. My Beasts were awesome this game. I only wish it had gone on longer so I could end up with more points.

Epidimius (Survived on 1 wound)
Tally: Shiteloads of Skaven feed Papa Nurgle really Quickly.
MOTM: Great Unclean One, got the tally up early with a 20+ wound plaguewind, very nice.

Round 2: 20-0 Vs John Murrie (Dorfs) Blood and Glory
Poor John, we got the worst possible table for him and the best possible table for me. There is nothing quite like having two giant Sphinxes sitting in the middle of the table to block line of sight to Epidimius and the GUO. John castled in the middle and he got 1st turn and killed a beast with a Cannon and then it all went bad. On my first turn I charged my unit of beasts into one of his Troll slayers and then overran 11" into his big unit which then proceeded to eat the dorfs whilt they hit back with their stuff pillows. in the back yard his Gyrocopter managed to get one shot off before getting charged by a unit of furies, subsequently fleeing and being exterminated. Meanwhile Papa Nurgle was streamin up behind a Sphinx ready to get into John's flank. The Drones managed to shred a bit whilst I left a unit of 20 Plaguebearers with Epidemius hiding behond the Sphinx for the whle game. John had a really nicely painted dwarf army and was my best sports score for the weekend. Ended up on 3700 pts to 60 pts, so it was a 20-0 for me.

Epidemius (untouched)
Tally: Lots and lots of Dorfs fed the tally this game.
MOTM: Beasts, killed BSB, general, unit of hammerers, cannon and grudgethrower.

Round 3:  20-0 Vs Bo Peterson (Lizards) WatchTower
We rolled off and I got the watch tower which i proceeded to put 20 Plaguebearers in and then swap out for 30 later on. Light Magic didn't end up going very well for Bo as he ended up not being able to wound anything. the Engine of the gods I eventually ground down with my Drones and killed it without it doing much to my army.

Epidimius (untouched)
Tally: Lots and lots of Lizards died and maxed it out by turn 3
MOTM: Great Unclean one: Killing 28 Saurus and 1 Slann mage with an Eternal blade. Can even stomp Slann.

Round 4: 5-15 vs Pete Dunn (Skaven) Meeting Engagement
Pete had his Mojo on this tournament, or maybe it was just his wall of Skaven filth. It was fairly even other than me losing Epidemius and my GUO which ended up being the difference. I got outdeployed and made my GUO slug across the board to get killed on the way over the board. Need more Beasts up against Pete.

Epidemius (died on 5th turn)
Tally: Got to about 22 before epidemius died to poison shots after my GUO got poison shotted. Yay!
MOTM: bleh.

Round 5: 6-14 vs Sam Whitt (Kaos Dorfs) Battleline.
If my Great Unclean one hadn't sucked himself down a hole It would have faired a bit better, this was the one game I would have liked a dispoel scroll, losing 20 Plaguebearers to a Kaos Dorf Template of Str 5 Doom wasn't good. Although I managed to run the unit away from the K'dai preserving 800 points (BSB was in there). Managed a double 1 with one of my Plaguebearer unitss against his Bull Centaurs where I was losing combat and was able to charge a beast and win combat with them the next round, then mowed them down and evenutally he got his K'daii into my rear after I failed a charge and he rolled high for his charge.

Epidemius (untouched) in the far corner
Tally: about 24 before the end of the game. The Tauruk survived for way too many turns against my Beasts. He survived for way too long.
MOTM: Epidemius: Stood in the corner and counted.


I need more beasts. Units of 5 or 6, maybe 2 units of them. They shred stuff and take nothing back.

Portaloo wasn't needed in any games.

Epidemius is very tough and makes my beasts almost indestructable. Gives me loads of Threat options for my opponent to prioritise their targets.

Nurglings were okay, they could have done a bit better.

Furies I deployed on a couple of games way too wide but they did well.

Drones didn't do much but they are very hardy. For their footprint they are kind of unwieldy compared to the much more efficient beasts. I might always go for poison on these guys and possibly one more.

I could have been a bastard and taken Skullcannons to take out screaming bells, K'daii and engine of the gods. I may have been able to win the tournament with these. But I decided to go fully themed and it wasn't too bad in the end. Managed to shatter someone's dreams (poor Kent). I feel like his Villain.

I love the Reign of Chaos table. I ended up loudly pronouncing "REIGN OF CHAOS" at the start of each of my magic phases, especially when Papa had died towards the end of the tournament. Most of the time it was good for me and I even got some added Plaguebearers towards the end of the game against Pete.

In the end I managed to get Best Newcomer and equal 4th.If my GUO hadn't sucked himself down a hole I may have ended up with 2nd. But y'know Chaos is fickle. All in all a fun tournament.


  1. Well done of the 4th place Sam - despite getting royally Nurgle I enjoyed our game. Dwarf players tend to get a perverse pleasure out of being tabled like that especially when the opponents army is as nice as yours was - wonderful painting all round.

  2. Apologies for you playing against Hamish round 1. I did not know that you two were regulars, When I did the draw, I knew of quite a few regular players who played against each other. Re Randomized the Draw accordingly.
    Sorry Once again. I will not let it happen again (round 1 - 3 neways)

    1. It's cool, I destroyed him mercilessly anyway (11-9).