Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kings of War Kickstarter Wave 2

So got an update on my Kings of war stuff. Am really excited as I think I might up my pledge (yes they're going to be allowing you to do it) and get some of this extra:

an extra 1000 point army (maybe dwarfs)
3 Celestian Cat Cavalry,
A Mincer
3 Werewolves,
a unit of 3 Ogres (either Hand Weapons or Shooters
both the Elf Cavalry and Twilight Kin Knights!
8 hero sculpts including two Angels, a mounted Basilean Lord, a Druid, an Air Elemental, two Twilight Kin, a Dwarf Healer and an Elven Mage.

Mounted Basiliean Lord. Epic.


  1. What a fantastic model. Now THAT is what Empire monstrous cavalry should look like!

  2. I think he needs an electric guitar.