Friday, February 1, 2013

Kapiti Krushers - NZ teams Tournament 2013

NZ Teams Tournament

So we're off to the team's tournament and have our lists submitted, Nick's taking his toys, lots of artilery, 6 fanatics and lots of chaff; Herman is taking 86 Crossbow shots; Hamish's running his last list with 9 Skull crushers and I'm taking 3 Hordes of Bloodletters.

Chaos Warriors

Chaos Warriors rumours look good, I'm building a nurgle army with them so am looking forward to that. I will be using at least 50% non GW, with Avatars of War Corruptors of Pestilence as Warriors of Chaos and Mantic Zombies as Marauders. I've got some mantic trolls fromt he kickstarter coming which look awesome.

I had a bit of a stocktake on my Chaos Warriors. I can do
7 Chaos Knights
5 Marauder horsemen
approximately 50 ol' school chaos warriors
20 Nurgle Chaos Warriors
30 Slaaneshi Marauders
80 Marauders (60 to be assembled)
6 Chaos Ogres
8 Spawn (I can finally use 2 of them as firewyrms again)
1 Dragon Ogre Shaggoth
1 Giant
1 Chimera (new addition to Chaos warriors-already had one for trasnformation and Storm Of magic)
1 Festus

It will look like to make my Nurgle Chaos Warriors I'll need 6 chaos trolls, 20+ Chaos Warriors of Nurgle. Chaos hounds (might use Direwolves), and for overall chaosy goodness wouldn't mind picking up Throgg, 3 Dragon Ogres, Valkia, Hellcanon, some Skullcrushers and Khornate stuff. I would like to do an army for each the chaos gods except Tzeentch.


On other stuff apart from having ordered the Chaos warrior book, I've got 20 more Bloodletters and a Maulerfiend to be a Jugger-type Soulgrinder. It will need a bit of greenstuff and some spawn bitz to mage it more organic or just similar to the Juggernauts.If my wife plays daemons as well I might need a hell of a lot more of Bloodletters for NATCON.

Konflict '47 - 15mm Alternate History

Some other stuff I've been looking at is the Clockwork Miniatures  (Dust tactics for 15mm anyone). I love mechs and alternate history. Now, they only have Germans and Americans, but can't wait to see some russian stuff and mix in my Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company miniatures.

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