Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tournament Musings, what I need to get done and MOAR Bloodletters!

NZ Team Tournament

Interesting army selection over at Fields of Blood for the upcoming tournament.

Almost half the field are comprised of Daemons, Ogres, Chaos Warriors ...and Dark Elves. Yes we have one of the Dark Elves in our team. Although 1 Skaven...yay!

My list is almost the same as Tom Dunn's except he's taking 2 Beasts of Nurgle instead of 2 units of Screamers and 3 units of Furies instead of 1 and no horror bunker. I find Furies to be very fragile and prefer Screamers as they can kill a lot of chaff and are infinately more surviveable than Furies. I only have 5 Chaff whereas Tom has 9 Chaff (Beasts of Nurgle are very tough Chaff/speed bumps, but still Chaff). My list for the tournament is as follows (with assembling and painting progress colours):

1 Herald of Khorne, Firestorm Blade, Armour of Khorne(General) 140
1 Herald of Khorne, Firestorm Blade, Armour of Khorne 140
1 Herald of Khorne,  Armour of Khorne, Battle Standard Bearer 140
1 Herald of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery (Light), Spellbreaker 165
29 Bloodletters, Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion 378
29 Bloodletters, Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion 378
29 Bloodletters, Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion 378
10 Pink Horrors, Musician 126
5 Chaos Furies 60
3 Screamers 120
3 Screamers 120
1 Bloodcrusher 70
1 Bloodcrusher 70
1 Fiend of Slaanesh 55
1 Fiend of Slaanesh 55


Points %
Lords 0 0%
Heroes 585 24%
Core 1320 55%
Special 240 10%
Rare 250 10%

The Green are completedly finished, the orange I have to do a little bit of work. and the red I need to assemble and paint.  I figure about 3 days worth of work there, 1 to touch up all the orange, 1 to assemble BSB and 20 Bloodletters and 1 day to paint bloodletters and BSB. I'm gonna try post up more progress as I go.


Since my wife is going to Natcon with me and running a Daemon list so I've needed to pick up another 40 Bloodletters. She's running a GUO with 2 'letter hordes, Shadow Mage in bunker and chaff. We may need moar BLOODLETTERS. I've almost finished painting another 20, so it'lls boost it up to like 70 and I'll have another 20+ done on the weekend in time for the tournament.

I've got a Maulerfiend coming to be my converted Khornate themed Soulgrinder so I proxied one on the weekend. It has a lot of utility and I may look at taking 2 in a list. Harvester cannon for grapeshot long range, balefire torrent for flamethrower and daemon bone Klaw for autohit instakill on giant things. 1 STR 10 attack with d6 wounds.

Papa Nurgle Mortal list (Chaos Warriors)

Plans for my Nurgle themed Chaos warrior army I've already started building. The Palanquin of Nurgle is a Monstrous Beast now so if something rides it like a herald of Nurgle for ht upcoming damon army book, it will have 4+ Regen, T5 and 4 wounds and better yet Epidemius might have T6 4W and be much better in a battle, I hope they fix his rules though. The CW lore of Nurgle is awesome, the CW lore of slaanesh is cool but the Tzeentch one is kind of sucky. Sure Gateway is still there but it doesn't totally nuke a unit if you roll high.  I might be looking at something like this;

1 Nurgle Daemon Prince (have 3 unassembled daemon princes -may need to convert one to Nurgle. or a few with EOTG table)
Throgg (need to buy)
Nurgle BSB on palanquin (proxy Epidemius)
Festus (painting him as we speak)
2 units of Nurgle Chaos warriors (have 20 Avatars of Wars ones)
6 Chaos knights of Nurgle (have 6- may need converting)
1 Horde of Nurgle marauders (have all the bits and have assembled a bunch already)
8 Nurgle Ogres (have 3 of these buy another box of bulls- or other ogres- and convert them)
6-8 Trolls (Chaos spawn + River troll conversions - or other trolls)
3 Dragon ogres (will buy new ones)
1 Chimera (already done)
1 Dragon Ogre Shaggoth (already done)
4 Spawn (already done)
2- 4 units of chaos hounds (direwolves most likely)
1 Warshrine (corpsecart?)

I have half that already. Add Tamurkhan (wishlisting for the missus's benefit) and I can do my ultimate Nurgle list with my nurgle Daemons.

Tamurkhan on toad Dragon (need to buy)

Great Unclean One
40 Plaguebearers
3 Pox riders
12 Nurgling bases
3 Beasts of Nurgle

Couple that with the new rumoured plaguebearers riding giant flies and you have a beautiful beautiful army.

Ideally would like to build a purish Khorne and Slaaneshi armies but that can wait. The other stuff I have is below;


1 Chaos Lord on Boobwyrm
30 Slaaneshi marauders


2 Khorne Ogres



Other Chaos Warrior stuff

I've read the rules for the book and as to the other stuff in the book; The Slaughterbrute's rules suck. Mutaltih Vortex beast is ok I guess. Forsaken are crap. Skullcrushers are still pretty brutal and still the best monstrous Cavalry. I wouldn't mind 3 or 4 for my Khorne list. Maybe some Chariots.

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