Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kapiti Krushers come in 8th at NZTC

Finished the Tournament and we came 8th, giving the Von Trapps 57 points in the last round to take out 1st. I finished on 2 big wins, 2 big losses, 1 moderate win and 1 minor loss. Hamish did about the same as me and Herman (He's got better pictures) and Nick faired worse.

Nick had terrible luck with not getting foot of Gork at all on the first day and facing 3 Empire armies.

14-6 win over Ray's Shooty Dark Elves (Grumpy ol' men)
Was not happy to be facing shooty dark elves. Things kicked off to a great start when his level 4 decided to blow himself up and a unit of crossbows fled early in the game. It basically went downhill from there. Ray did bring it back from the brink of massacre.

8-12 loss to James Shooty High Elves (team Omen)
I fluffed deployment on this game. But turned out to be tight until the last turn and failed to run down his dragon after it rolled 6 to flee. Killing blowed both his general and BSB in the last round was the highlight and I could have turned it into a 11-9 or 12-8 win if I rolled 2 points higher to pursue.

1-19 loss to Joss's K'dai Chaos Dwarfs
I deployed wrong and should have just eaten his giant gribblies with my letters, Instead I spent the whole battle moving across the table which was annoying.

20-0 win over "All the toys" Tomb Kings (capital crusaders)
This was a fun game with a fellow Aussie. He rolled very badly and I rolled very well. It was a tough game for him as I was taking light magic with high weapon skill and initiative and just took out all the small threats first.

19-1 win over Cody's Shooty Wood elves (Cut the Mustard)
Cody exposed his flank in the 2nd turn which allowed me steam roll through without taking a breath on one of my letter units. Highlight was rolling boxcars for winds on last turn and flickering fire on BSB and 48" boosted banishment on general who decided to hide on other side of the field. (Forgot to take pictures)

3-17 loss to  Pete Dunn's Conservative Ogres (Von Trapp's)
Spent first 3 turns dancing around and a bloodletter overrran cost me a whole bunch of points. I should have just marched up and killed his deathstar with my Bloodletters and redirected his flankers. He didn't even misfire the whole game with both cannons. Brainfart on my part. I was too busy watching what he was doing to mind what I was doing.

It was my first tournament in about 10 years and 3000kms removed but finished with 65 points for myself. Which is better than average. I learnt a lot and gained a lot more discipline in my play style by the last game. You have to be alert 100% of the time especially against some of the opponents and know your rules and sequences of play.

Light magic was awesome, the utility of the law is fantastic. The horror bunker performed well especially when I was able to get them into a building. I was casting mostly magic missiles all weekend to cut down chaff and try and cause panic tests in small shooty units.The augments were threatening. Pha's protection was great as well. Saved my bacon a few times with that extra -1 to hit)

3 bloodletter hordes maybe too much, opponents don't like them (this tourney had little comp and no sports) and they just get in the way of each other too much, luckily I'm painting and assembling a soulgrinder.

Screamers - I failed with my screamers almost every game. I need to hold back and move them over later on or get timewarp on them so they can do a 40" fly.

Bloodcrushers faired a lot better than I thought they would. If they had slightly better armour they woul

Fiends as always did very well. I might end up taking a large unit of these to get across the battlefield fast and hard.

Furies - meh. So wish I had some sabretooths.

As for the tourney it was umpired excellently, venue was good and most of my opponents were great guys. It needed to be 3 Games max in a day and slightly longer lunch break, there needed to be a beauty contest, best painted and sports awards.

So I am wiped out after 4 games on Saturday (12 hours of pure warhammer) and 2 games on Sunday. There were some great players I faced over the weekend and I'd like to thank them for putting up with my filthy Daemon list.


  1. I thought we placed 7th. Does anyone have a copy of the final score sheet. Either way, we were right at the bottom of the log, but with me newbie and you coming out or retirement I don't think we did all too bad...

  2. Yeah not too shabby, Definiitely be better prepared next time.

  3. Hey. Thanks for coming over, glad you enjoyed it! I think your team placed 8th overall, about 10 points off 7th so was pretty tight in the end.
    You had a pretty bad matchup against me round 3, some unlucky dice rolls. My CD army was built to 20-0 daemon lists (especially triple letter) to be fair. If you had finished off the Taurus after my sorcerer had gone down the hole turn 2, you would have got a massive 600 point swing to you, so I don't think the end score resembled the game.
    The NZ scene is pretty healthy with almost no comp. You guys should try it more over the ditch! Soft scores dont really belong at a team event IMO. Leave them to the singles events