Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finished mass casting molds

So finished some of the molds and some of them are awesome the ones on the left are the best because they add rigidity to the mold so it doesn't flex when casting. More latex rubber layers the better, the ones on the far right are the best and tend to warp when cast. 2 or more molds in the same piece of rubber so they can give overall support. the others I have created some plaster beds for the molds to sit in but I think I will stick with the method I used for the 2 molds on the left.

All molds I made up with approximately 7-8 layers and 2 layers of cheescloth.

First cast worked out brilliantly
Now all I have to do is buy some more bags of plaster of paris and cast, cast, cast. I will be getting more of this stuff plus the silcone rubber as well.

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