Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Miniature Progression (lots of Ol Skool pinning)

On Saturday had a pinnning and painting session. Pinning a lot of my old daemon stuff and painting Ogres for commission.

Keeper of Secrets I got on trademe. It was missing a hand and a head, so some tentacles and daemon prince and it's an improvement on the original

Keeper of secrets

Slaaneshi Herald BSB riding an old Steed of Slaanesh.

Rackham Figure posing as a Beast of Nurgle

Azazel was missing a lot of pieces, so Daemon prince wings have been added. I still have to kitbash and sculpt a right leg and right arm. but he's probably going to end up as a slaaneshi daemon prince for a warriors of chaos army.

Ol Skool Daemon Prince, he was missing a sword but nothing a minotaur hand can't fix. He's going to be EOTG Daemon Prince for Warriors of Chaos army.
Ogre Tyran Commission with 1 layer and Inking done.

Bragg the Gutsman commission 1 layer of paint

Firebelly commission 1 layer of paint. I love this miniature.

Converted Ogre into BSB for Commission. Only first layer painted.

Reaper Ogre is gonna be the Slaughtermaster. She looks like she'll fit in.

Ogre BSB conversion, Chopped his double handed glave in half added the bull standard arm, a Bretonnian banner and the Ogre standard top and bob's your uncle... er... Ogre.


  1. Looking very nice. Working on ogres at the moment too. Converting Ogre bulls to riders for Luc's Zvezda Aurochs he's been using as Mournfang cavalry. Been too lazy to take pics, but looks like I've gotta keep up with the Joneses (...err Campbellses)

  2. The ogres I'm painting for a mate, he won't come to the club unless he has a painted army. I'm in a massive hobby kick at the moment. Very keen to see the Aurochs with some riders.