Monday, December 31, 2012

Corruptors of Pestilence(Chaos Warriors of Nurgle) and Herald of Khorne

 So I assembled the Corruptors of Pestilence aka the Chaos Warriors of Nurgle and they is looking mighty fine. I've stuck them on some scenic bases from Micro Arts.
Group Shot of Nurgle's finest, I LOVE THE MARINE CORPS.
Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

I have a really big right hand. Might name him "Nick Cave with his red right hand".
and a big left hand.
Are you ready for cricket.

I'm gonna kill you Twenty20 style.

And my Herald of Khorne is almost done, just a little bit of highlighting and tidying up and he's looking pretty sweet. I've tried for a molten lava blade to represent his firestorm blade. I don't like his mouth so I might do a bit more work on that

 I love all of my Avatars of War Miniatures. Pity they've been so slow releasing the normal Chaos warriors. I Have 2 weeks off work so I intend to get a lot of hobby stuff done. Expect more frequent updates.

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