Friday, December 14, 2012

MVP Great Unclean One


Had a couple of games last night at our final club night. One versus Hamish's Skaven and a second against Luke's Ogres. We're getting in practice games with our team tournament lists so pulling now stops.

I took my 3 Bloodletter horde list and he turtled like a dwarf in the corner. Dirty Stinking rat turtling in the corner.

He ended up beating me 12-8 but would have beaten him had he not gotten irresistable force off on his Dreaded 13th twice. Bleh. Need ward save against that crap. Yay....

Second game against Luke, absolutely destroyed Luke's Ogre army.

Battle for the pass, nice and tight with little flanking.

I move up my letters and he puts his charge redirectors in and Mournfangs into a fiend.
I charge everything and wipe them out and reform with 2 units of Letters.

The other one overruns into Mournfangs and he charges my flank with Ogre and character...

So timewarp on letters disappears both units of Ogres and Mournfangs and the Ogres run away 3" and get mown down.
 He rightly decided to pour a whole bunch of shots on my GUO with Balesword. and then the GUO got into combat.  He ended up accounting for a 2 units of trappers, a giant and a unit of shooter ogres. A couple of timewarps on some Bloodletters and the Ogres ended up in red mists on the battlefield. I ended up losing a handful of models in each unit and lost both my Fiends.

GUO is beast, he hasn't died yet in any of my games and apart form poor movement with my GUO in the skaven game he performs well. He loves to eat ogres chopped finely but is crap against massed infantry. He almost always instakills any monsters/monstrous infantry etc. With the preponderance of Monstrous Cavalry/Infantry/Beasts he is essential. I'll just let my Bloodletters go up against everything else.

I'm still undecided as to whether I go with 2 or 3 Hordes on my daemon list for this tournament in February and get some anti-redirectors against those nasty throwaway units. I kind of think better rules would deter chaff redirectors, I may need to drop the third unit. But I will trial a soulgrinder and more fiends.

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