Thursday, December 6, 2012

And the fields ran RED

with the colour of Russians

So I got some Russians this week and my do they look fantastic on their sprues, got so much more detail than the battlefront miniatures. and only took 5 days to deliver from UK there are 130 infantry, 60 Infantry w/ heavy weapons and 5 T34's

I think I have like;

2 to 3 Strelkovy platoons with HQs and Komissars.
3 x3 T34/85s with command tank (10 all up).
4 Mortar teams
7 HMG teams
4 heavy mortar teams
4 anti tank rifle teams.
8 SMG teams
2 Katyushkas
I will be making sapper teams as well.

Now just have to assemble it all and paint it.

Which reminds me, the missus got all my old miniatures I'd gotten in trades over the years out and based them all ready to paint. She likes different stuff to paint, I'm finding girls are more inclined to this,. the Little Dryad is like this as well and is pining for her reaper kickstarter stuff next year. Missus was excited because she ordered this Nethyrmaul.

Now there is a whole bunch of RAFM, Grenadier, Warzone, Chronopia, Harlequin, etc. figures in there. It takes years to get this kind of painting chaff together.

I'm just keen on getting my Mantic stuff which is starting to look real good.I especially like the troll.
 The Paladin is looking great as well.


  1. Great to hear those russkies are coming together.
    You are accumulating a fine Lead Mountain there - long may it continue! ;-)

    1. I keep on finding random stuff. I found 20+ grnadier barbarians which look damn sexy which I am stripping for a new colour scheme for a non descript barbarian force.