Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scarbrand, Cowgirls, Indians and Sci-fi Gribblies

More WIP on Scarbrand, he's had a blazing orange highlight and skulls have been started as well as his tattoos. Almost done.

Deadlands Cowgirls WIP (for Commission, as well as indians), need highlights and eyes done, and a little more on the base.

First lot of Deadlands Indians WIP, I'm really liking the skin, it's 1/3 Khorne red and 2/3 Snakebiteleather. Need some highlighting and eyes as well.

...and even more Deadlands Indians WIP. They look real gritty. The primer was chaos black GW primer and Army Painter Fur Brown ('tis a nice red brown).
And something from my bitz box which I eventually found all the pieces for, I have no idea what it is but it reminds me of Ralph Bakshi's Wizards movie.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work on the demon thingy, coming on well.
    That last one is an intriguing piece too!