Friday, December 7, 2012

Sturm der Magi: Dämonen Vs Vampirfürsten

So finally got around to a storm of magic game last night. I ended up taking:

Lord of Change w/ Master of Sorcery Death, Level 3, Twin heads
Herald of Tzeentch w/ master of Sorcery Light, Spellbreaker
Herald of Khorne BSB firestorm blade and armour of Khorne
Herald of Khorne firestorm blade and armour of Khorne
29 Bloodletters w/ full command
29 Bloodletters w/ full command
22 Horrors w/ full command
3 Screamers
1 Fiend
1 Fiend
1 Giant
1 Chimera w/ poison
1 Cokatrice w/ poison and breath

Nick took;
Vampuire Lord
3 units of 20 Zombies, 30 Skeletons, 25 Ghouls
30 Grave Guard and Wight Lord
2 Mortis Engines (look suspiciously like a giant spider and a terrogheist)
Level 4 Zoat
4 Dragon Ogres

Battles are looking a lot better at the club with new scenery.
It was a fairly brutal match which didn't see much close combat. Hilarious moments included 3 Screamers beign charged by unit of zombies who melted away in the boiling river and then being charged by another unit. Grave guard getting crystal mazed in the first turn as well as all wizards on both sides getting turned into frogs. Cockatrice ate necromancer on one of the Fulcrums. Zoat getting sniped by Lord of change and death spells on fulcrum in the middle. Dragon ogres getting wiped out by Bloodletters, ghouls getting wiped out by bloodletters. Dragon Ogres suck. I won. First Storm of Magic for both of us. Very fun and a little insane.

This is all in preperation though. 

I'm honing in on using big blocks of Bloodletters to the effect that when the teams tournament is in February I'm looking at...

Great Unclean one, level 2, balesword and noxious vapours
1 Herald of Tzeentch, MoS-Lgiht, Spellbreaker and Disc
3 Heralds of Khorne, 1 with AoK and BSB, 2 w/ AoK and FS leading
3 x 29 Units of Bloodletters
2 x 1 Fiends

Brutal what?

There will be enough frontage to not be out maneouvred and the 2 fiends to deal with flankers and chaff. GUO there to deal with anything big and absorb the occasional cannon.

How Brutal?

The Tzeentch Herald with light is there to buff the Bloodletters. I might take Furies instead of one of the fiends but otherwise 

Very brutal.

It's simlar to Mike King's list but with a better Greater Daemon and fiends instead Screamers. I have to practice more with it and get my spellcasting and movement more decisive.

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