Monday, December 24, 2012

Gaming Extravaganza

Things seem to be rocketing off at the moment, I managed to get no less than 8 Games in the last week.

1200pts Slaaenshi Daemons vs 1200pts VC (Fern)
HoS Siren song
HoS Siren song + BSB
9 Seekers
29 Daemonettes
2 x 1 Fiends

Played Dawn Attack and managed to bottle the Vampire counts in a corner.  Seekers are absolutely horrible to play and died easily to a black coach.

1200pts Nurgle Daemons vs 1200pts VC (Fern)
HoN, level 1
29 Plaguebearers
2 BoN
1 BoN
3 Pox Riders
3 Nurglings

I basically fed her vampire unit chaff so I could Hold the objective with my Plaguebearers who got to the objective in turn 2. Hex wraiths kept on scythign through the building. I lost more than she did but rolled a 6 for Watchtower on 4th turn and took home the goods.

2400pts Daemons vs 2400pts VC (Fern)
4 HoK in 29 Bloodletters, 1w/ AoK +BSB Standard of Sundering, 3 w/ FB +AoK
2 x 1 Fiends
3 Screamers
5 Furies

This is a Brutal list which shredded through most of her army and eventually killed the Vampire bus Fern had rolling. Pretty much a battle for the pass secnario as well so not a lot of manouvering could be done.

2400pts Daemons vs 2400pts Skaven (Hamish)
Took the above list and fairded really badly due to artillery. The standard of sundering blocked all the dreaded 13th attempts. Must block skitterleap and doom rocket because that is pants.

2400pts Daemons vs 2400pts Orcs & Goblins (Nick)
Cut down to 3 Bloodletter hordes and GUO. Proceeded to take sever advantage of Nick's abysmal dice rolling and

2400pts Daemons vs 2400pts Warriors of Chaos(Hamish)
Took the above list and my GUO didn't manage to kill . The res to fo Bloodletter hordes died badly.

3000pts Daemons vs 3000pts VC (Storm of Magic) (Fern)
Took the above list again and added, Dark Emissary, Spawn of Khorne,

2400pts Daemons vs 2400pts Warriors of Chaos (Hamish)
GUO died to gateway first turn. The rest of the game was spent not moving whilst Hamish moved his troops slowly across the table. I almost accounted for his Knights, and 2 units of 5 Skullcrushers. 'nuff said.

I may need to take Billy the blood thirster and bunker my HoTz in a large anvil of Horrors. I need an all comers list.

So I'm looking at:
Bloodthirster w/ AoK, Axe of Khorne, Immortal Fury, Spellbreaker
2x HoK w/ FsB +AoK, 1 BSB in 2 units of 29 Bloodletters

1 HoTz w/ Mastery of Sorcery + Spellbreaker bunkered in 29 Horrors with icon of sorcery.
3 Screamers
2 x 1 Fiend

I'nm still trying to figure out the best Lore and have been flipping through, Shadows, Light, Life and Death. Maybe Beasts.

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