Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Dice Rolling

Occasionally I've been called a gamey bastard or a tinny bastard and sometimes even just a bastard. My wife, Bless Her, decided to prove that I was a gamey bastard. So out came all my dice and with independant talliests (my children) decided to roll all my dice multiple times to see if my dice were loaded or I was just a lucky bastard. the tally was as follows out of approximately1200 rolls.

177 1's, 207 2's, 180 3's, 207 4's, 213 5's and 203 6's.

The Little Sorceress tallies up the dice rolls as I roll them.
This study results in 1's being overall more likely to be rolled with GW and Chessex die. This just proves how awesome I am in game or it's just the fact that people tend to focus on the times when you roll bad rather than the times you roll good. Or the fact that my bloodletters get rerolls in the first round of combat.


  1. So you're another of those spawny b'stards with lady luck in his back pocket eh? ;-)

    I did read somewhere once that dice with rounded corners were more likely to roll ones, than dice with pointed corners...

  2. It's all about the sacrifices (literally) you make, I started out with 16 children;-)