Monday, October 14, 2013

The Legion are coming...

So, once again, the wifey has stolen the blog, since Sam's so busy over at Kiwihammer nowadays.  And I have a new pet project, to give me a break from painting the 160 Skaven sitting on the painting tray at the moment.

Yes, I have started collecting Warmachine: Hordes, in preparation for starting our local gaming club's Journeyman league next week.  And even better, my daughter has asked for Hordes minis for her birthday and is going to jump into the league herself.

So now to assemble, paint and learn the rules for my brand new Legion of Everblight faction, as well as the basics of Circle of Orboros (to teach my daughter).

Gotta love a hobby that drags in the whole family and gets us hanging out together.

Love to all till next time,

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