Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alternate Ogres from Mantic.

These are models from Titan Games facebook page. Can't wait for mine. They are the best plastic Ogres it looks like on the market.


  1. Looks like I've found some Chaos Ogres for a Warriors army.

    It's a shame the Trolls are too much arm and not enough leg, they would look awesome if they were more in proportion. But these Ogres and the Werewolves are fine, and a a damn sight better price than GW ones.

  2. I like the Trolls, They're brutish and top heavy and somewhat comical but I rather do like them.

    The Ogres are by far the best plastic Ogres I've seen.

    I don't mind the werewolves and I would buy more to field as crypt ghouls if I was running Vamps.

    The Prices are insane compared to GW.