Thursday, June 20, 2013

Horned Gobbo - Jinx list

I'm crafting up a Jinx list as to the scarier of the lists for me.. There is a lot of filth at this tournament, very hard selection of lists. One or two softer lists but 80-90% really hard.

The underachievers. These are the people who have the goods to get it done but need to focus on the ball - Nic Jebson, Simon Switzer, Hamish Gordon, Joel van de Ven-Long ( I swear his name gets longer each tournament).

Scariest Lists for me.

#5 BOTWD crutch on white lions list. There are 3 of these; hide army behind line of white lions and chars in white lions. Graeme Fry, John Murrie (this is like revenge for Runefang isn't it?), Hugh Dixon are off my christmas list.

#4 Orcs and gobbos, level 4 SO shaman, double doom diver, double rock lobber, double mangler. I think it's now for O& G to shine. Special mention goes to my wife for taking 80 poison shots. Jeff and Fern are taking these lists.

#3 Dan B - I changed my mind about this one. One of the only lists taking lore of Metal. Both lizards are playing light and there is 5 CW armies.

#2 Thomas Van Rockel - All the toys double deathstars and 3 x2 Mournfang Cavalry. List is tight.

#1 "Hamish/Pete Abomination" list although Pete has tried and tested filth list, 94/100 pts out of last tournament with this list. Special mention for Locky's Twin Towers as should be fun.

I'm taking my fluff list again. Need top 10 to be in running for Masters. That's what I'm aiming for and to have fun. Most important to have fun, be hard, but have fun.