Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Boring Blogger

So most of my creative energies has been pooled into Kiwihammer at the moment. I'm still looking at doing most of my non warhammer related stuff on this blog so have been focusing mainly on warhammer lately. This blog will retain mostly Flames of War, D&D, miscellaneous miniatures and what not. Here is a little fun I had on the weekend with my Nurgley boys.

How to win a Tournament by the Skin of one's Teeth

Cracked open a copy of old Puppet wars last night and going to paint them up and help paint and assemble the new plastic Puppet Wars with the missus. Cute and evil, they should be a fun project.

Have recieved 2nd wave of Mantic stuff and submitted my survey for 3rd wave, going for 40 gargoyles (for bringer of the swarm) and another 12 Trolls for my monster mash WOC list.

Still waiting on Reaper Bones kickstarter notification. Just slightly peeved it's been 2 months since they first started shipping. It's getting kind of IRRITATING!!!1!

I ended up pledgin 165 for Raging heroes Kickstartr which should be done in...god knows when, just money off into the ether for lots and lots of miniatures sometime in the future.

John from Pukeko Games is closing down and will be getting rid of his stock. It's too bad because he was like the only stockist of Reaper in the country. Damn.

Seeing if we can do 1000 points of Flames of War down the club on Thursday and decide on team names for NZTC.


  1. Shame to hear Pukeko games closing down... good to hear some FoW on at the club...