Monday, June 17, 2013

What I've been up to, either side of the house move

So, either side of the move this is what I've been up to.


Slaughter Master alternative (Reaper Miniature)


Bruiser BSB conversion


Bragg The Gustman, Nice model, Crap rules

Hamish's Throgg WIP, Nick is taking him this Saturday to Horned Rat

And Skullcannon WIP.


  1. The Skullcannon is a vast improvement on the Segway of Khorne. You can actually believe that it's a real chariot.

    Throgg really needs the index and little finger on his left hand to be extended. I can see him rocking out to Judas Priest up there in the Troll Country.

  2. The Skull cannon I saw on a recent post on daemonic legion done for a 40k army. one thing was sure I was never gonna have the Pacman frontage on him. Looking at getting another as I already have the jugger for it.

    If I get a Throgg it may need to be Metalled up. I was thinking something along those lines.

  3. My comment might look like a criticism, it's not of course. More a suggestion of how he would look even more awesome.

    The Jugger on the chariot is such an obvious and huge improvment I'm genuinely surprised that GW didn't make it that way from the start. The Pacman front as you call it makes it such a poor model. And if any creature should do impact hits, it would be a Juggernaught of Khorne....

    I don't understand their thought processes sometimes.

  4. It's cool tane, I was agreeing with you on Throgg, he would look like he fitted in at a metal concert stomping on people in the moshpit.

    There are some obvious gaps in GW from an aesthetic POV. Not only that but people had done Khorne Chariots. I have a Khorne Chariot which I'm running as a blood throne. it's the previous CW chariot chassis, a metal juggernaut and a Bloodletter herald riding in the back. Simple and effective, the Bloodthrone/skullcannon kit was overthought. However the Tzneentch flaming chariot kit is much nicer.

    The other thing I don't like about the kit is the Herald, whilst being massive looks like he is taking a super bloodletter turd. Expect him to be a footslogger but he will have some leg conversion so he is standing up straight and not surfing.