Monday, November 4, 2013

Warmahordes, Puppet Wars and Malifaux WIP post skitterleap

It's been a while since last non - warhammer post and we're fully into Warmahordes at the moment. It's turning out to be a blast and Chris Otton is running a Journeyman league at our club.  This is what is on our painting trays at the moment post Skitterleap.

Fern's Ogryn Spears (I call them all James Hetfield).

Fern's Forsaken, Lilyth and Carnivean

Fern's Shepherd and 4 Rippers.

My trollbloods getting a lick of paint and some tartan. Just waiting on Fennblades, Trollkin Champions and Krielstone.

Ashely's Circle coming along nicely.
Malifaux Entertainers, Pandora, Candy and Undead whores getting first coasts and washes/inks.

More of entertainers, mannequins and undead whores. It's nice to paint some dresses occasionally. chose nice bright colours. Not sure I will ever play the game but I have Perdita's crew as well to assemble.

Puppetwars coming along nicely and a reaper bones mini... and yes that is two more Seamus's

4ground laser  precut and prepainted house for the club donated by John from Pukeko Games.

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