Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scenery Maintenance

Took a break from painting miniatures to do some scenery. I fixed all the chips and broken bits on most of the LOTR ex GW terrain Nathan gave the club to add sturdiness and durability. Plus I did a few of my own pieces as well.
The whole table.

Leather Huts/Yurts, giving them MDF and CD bases to make them more durable and long lasting.

Armature for new tree system I'm doing. Hopefully be able to make enought for a forest to cover an entire table for Mordheim games and get some going for the club. Plus some walls in the background that neederd touching up.

MDF Kitset house with Hirst arts rock wall. Just needs the roof and Exterior planks on the walls to be done.
Yes, she does scenery too.


  1. Well done that man ( and woman!) keep up the good work.
    Those huts may just do for an orc camp... :-)

    1. Yeah I might need to rifle through some bitz boxes for weapons and shields I can add to the outside. If I make it nondescipt it can server as Orcs or Barbarian Marauders or anything Nomadic really.