Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Russians, Harpies and Ogryns

I have done a wee bit more work on my Russians, assembling and cleaning mold lines, etc. Still recovering from my cold though., I found some Selley's No More Gaps works well for filling out the bases. So I have Rifle Command, Kommissar and 2 companies of rifle/mg Strelkovy and a Rfile Command and a HMG company. I will be putting together some SMG guys tonight to get me up to 500 points. I even got some 15mm peasants as well. I'm thinking of getting the 3 15mm box sets of russian, infantry, tanks and guns from Plastic Soldier Company to see if I can round out to 1500 points. Should be fun.


The Ogryns are done and I'm quite chuffed with how they look. Almost makes me want to do an IG army. I did a lot of battered armour plating and scuffing the paint off their steel toed boots. They look ruddy and like battle hardened veterans. The guy I painted them for likes them and wants me to do some Deadlands stuff next week.

I have inked up the Furies/Harpies, I'm going for a red/purple/blue look.The glossyness of the old GW Inks is something I love, especially for doing flesh.

And finally I have assembled some plaguebearers my wife got me. SHE UNDERSTANDS!  As an added bonus you can get two units of Nurglings from the box as well.


  1. Great to see the Russians coming together!
    I do like PSC tanks but I am unsure about their infantry and guns... their sculpts are very slender compared to the BF metal ones ( I noticed this from the halftrack crews I got with their SdKfz251's)...
    Keep up the good work that man!

    1. They're just fat and skinny ones. The skinnier ones are form Siberia. Less to eat there.