Sunday, November 4, 2012

Got a Cold and some pics

So I've got a head cold and stuff so hadn't done many updates. This is what I've been working on...
The Little Sorceress's Dark Elves primed and ready.

Bebop and Rocksteady and the sample Cadian I was given.

We'll get those stinkin' Ninja turtles!

Where did day go?

Over dis way! Hur! Hur!

AoW Harpies ready to steal children out of their beds and eat them.

First lot of Russians organised into command and 1 company.


  1. Nice to meet you the other night Sam, though you were clearly suffering from the lurgy, hope you're feeling a bit better?
    Great to see a start on the Russians, keep up the good work!

    1. Yeah I had just started on the lurgy. became fullblown of Saturday and is now developing into a splurging guffawbox bleurgh. Narglesplurglerifferic.

      I managed to put together another company today and a HMG company and command. So the Russians, they are playable. 350 points playable I think.

    2. LOL, must be a side effect of putting together all that Nurgle stuff ;-)

      Excellent, I am impressed you have managed to stay creative whilst ill! Usually I just go to bed and try and sleep it off...

      350pts is certainly playable... it you can squeeze it up to 5-600pts thats a good starting point as thats usually 2 combat platoons plus command plus a couple of little extras...

      But happy to try with what you've got as you wish :-)

    3. I have some SMG stuff I might be able to build and some kommissars ;

    4. Excellent, look forward to seeing them arrayed for battle.

  2. Good to see some more Russians coming to life. 350pts of Ruskies is about as many figures as an entire German army, but the "Red Horde" will be worth it!

    1. When you look at the scale of the Russian army, it strikes you with awe. I eventually want to horde a table with russian infantry. Ever since seeing Enemy at the Gates I've been wanting to field play Russians If I did get into world war 2 wargaming.