Friday, November 23, 2012

Daemons vs lizards

Only a short post today as I'm fiddling with my new pone, it takes ok pictures must learn to have a steady hand though, here are some pics of 2400 points versus Liam's Lizards. Game ended up with me holding the tower in the 4th turn with Bloodletters.

2400 points GUO, HoK 29 Letters, HoN, 25 Plaguebearers, HoT w/ Shadow magic, Epidimius 5 Furies, 3 Screamers, 2x 1 Beasts of Nurgle and 2 x 1 Fiends. I got to take a new list next week. My Nurgle Daemons are failing to get the tally high enough fast but that maybe just because I was facing primarily T4 troops.

My Daemons.
Liam and his Lizardmen, he needs way more skinks.
Bloodletters killing the Skinks and taking over the watchtower
Salamanders surrounded and destroyed.

Skink Priest being eaten by Harpies after sSalamanders run down.
Stegadon charges Plaguebearers.
Slaan and Temple guard Charging tower, only to bounce off. 
I've almost finished my unit of Plaguebearers.


  1. Interesting looking game.

    I presume once inside the tower, troops there get some kind of defensive bonus?
    Does the tower have some kind of occupancy limit?

    Cant say I have faced Lizardmen in WFB but they were certainly a tough army to defeat in Warmaster...(now a GW 'specialist' game)

    1. In this case Liam started with a unit of up to 20 figures (10 Skinks, he should have taken 20 Sauras warriros) in the tower, Troops don't get a defensive bonus for close combat but get hardcover from shooting. All of your regiment can garrison but only 10 can fight at any one time(including stepup from back ranks) from either side. You don't count ranks for combat resolution either. If you lose combat you are pushed out of the Tower. It's not the best scenario and some armies are crap at it (Bretonnians). From the end of Turn 4 units occupying the tower win on a 6+, Turn 5 is 5+, etc.

    2. So if you are defending you put your hardest unit in there and hope like heck to hang on?

    3. Pretty much, I don't think the building rules are fully developed enough and are unbalanced for some armies.