Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nurgle Chaos Warriors, Cultists and T34's

So I splurged out on my Mortal Nurgle army and got the Avatars of War Corruptors of Apocalypse, straight in as Nurgle Chaos Warriors. Here they are in all their bits.
 I must say I'm quite impressed with them, I wouldn't have mided a bit more customizationability but they are extremely nice sculpts and I especiall like the musician.
I had to assemble one with one mutated arm and he is nice and blocky and imposing with lots of details for painting rust and pustulent bits. 

I assembled my first T34 for my Russians. Hot swappable turrets from Plasti Soldier Company. I picked up a box of them and two Katyushka rocket launchers.

 I'm also painting this up for a friend's Deadlands campaign

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  1. WooHoo T34s! Or should that be Oh Oh, T34s! Had a heck of a time against Pauls Tankovy last night! 15 T34/85s and a some SU122's were real handful!