Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm a Wargamer and Proud.

So I've borrow this off stumpy a blog I follow

To genuinely call yourself a Wargamer, then you must have done most or all of the following: 

Spent at least $1000 on figures/vehicles/monsters and you get extra kudos for every $1000 you've spent
I've spent shitloads. About 2000 just on my daemons alone. Let's see, collecting on and off for 18 years. I'm gonna limit it to 5 points for this one. (5 points) 

Covered your fingers in layers of superglue to the point where you can no longer bend them
Plastic multipart sets. (1 point) 

Tried at least 10 different rule sets and vowed never to play half of them ever again

Bought an army off EBay/TradeMe 
Yes got most of my Tzeentch Daemons this way. (1 point) 

Sold an army on EBay/Trade Me 
Tyranids. bleh what a mistake buying them.  (1 point) 

Spent months painting an army - then used it in anger once 
Nope. but I did paint up some necrons as a comission job and I hated every minute of it.

Tried several different periods/genres or different army books. 
I have 5 WFB armies going back 4 editions and most of the army books as well.(1 point) 

Dropped a box of figures on the floor from a great height
Yes. My Tzeentch daemons. Your heart just goes into your mouth when it happens. (1 point) 

Lost a battle on the last throw of the dice 
Well we've called it when you lose like your last unit (1 point)

Had a proper, stand up argument over a wargamers table 
Not yet.

Thrown a dice across a room 
Yes, bad dice. done in fun though (1 point)

Repainted an entire army simply because
Yes redoing my Bretonnians slowly at the moment (1 point)

Inflicted a whopping defeat on an opponent 
First round wins in torunaments until you can get to the more experienced gamers. When I kill deathstars. (1 point) 

Suffered an embarrassing defeat due to a stupid tactical decision 
Deployment usually (1 point) 

Purchased a ton of models that remain unpainted
Hell yeah. the only reason I live is because of my unfinished miniatures.(1 point) 

Been to a wargamers show/tournament
Half a dozen or so (1 point) 

Dressed up in costume while attending a wargaming show/tournament 
No, But I was in hisotrical re-enactment as a viking for a few years. (1 point) 

Have more dice than is logical or necessary to own - and have used most of them 
I collect dice (1 point) 

Have taken boxes of troops down to a club just to show them off to your mates 
Yes, I did it with my Hapries last week (1 point) 

You have reference books on each period / army you play or for WHFB/40k relevant fiction. 
Yes, getting a collection of Fantasy Fiction (1/2 point) 

You have lied to your partner / spouse about how much you've spent on the hobby 
No, she knows, she has her own armies as well.

You get genuinely excited when a package arrives in the posts 
Yes (1 point) 

You get those packages sent to your work/parents rather than your home address so you can sneak the extra models home slowly without your wife/husband/partner finding out how much you spent 

You have returned from a wargames show/tournament and sneaked upstairs to hide the stash. 
With my former parter, yes, but she wasn't interested anyway (1 point)
You have an irrational aversion to some genres and vow never to play them regardless of how much fun they look
Warmachine. I have a force but can't get myself to play them. They look fun though (1 point)
You have made your own wargames scenery.
  Still doing it (1 point) 

You have reached a painting 'wall'  
Yes serveral times (1 point) 

You have lost - and regained - your wargaming mojo. 
Yes for a period of several years. I didn't do anything. Now I'm back (1 point) 

You have the occasional (and short lived) sense of guilt with your wife/children when complaining to them about the money spent in clothes, shoes or toys/Xbox games when you have $200 of unpainted metal stuffed in an upstairs drawer. 
Yes.(1 point)

You have jealously coveted someone else's troops.
Yes, repeatedly. (1 point)
You have laughed (secretly or otherwise) as someone else's paint job 
No. mostly mould lines really get me, especially when the paint job is half decent.

You have provided a piece of useless trivia relating to the troops on the table to show off your wargaming knowledge
When you've been wargaming for over 10 years, this is a given. I do this every club night. The kids love old wargaming stories of backi in the day, well at least I think they do. (1 point)
You have contradicted someone elses' trivia - demonstrating your superior knowledge and giving you a warm glow inside.
Yes  (1 point)
You have caused a major disaster on a wargames table (spilling a pint, collapsing the table, dropped someone else's figures on the floor). 
Getting up from a table and tipping it over accidentally (1 point) 

You have cheered and/or danced a jig when an opponent's dice lets them down at a critical point
Yes, all in good fun though (1 point) 

You have lied to your partner about going gaming.  "Mothers' not very well - just popping around to see her. I'll be back in about - oh - seven hours". 

You have lied to an attractive woman (man) - not your partner - about being a wargamer.  
No, it's a point of pride.

You have made an opponent cry.  It doesn't count if they are under 8 years old though. 
My children, but that's because I'm a mean daddy and want them to learn how to play ntil they can beat me fairly like I did with my dad and Chess (1 point) 

You have collected and painted multiple armies of the same type 
No, but I consider my 4 Daemon armies seperate and distinct.

You have reference or official source books on armies you haven't even got.
Yes(1 point) 

You have bought figures for a game/army/historical period you have never and will never play - because they were cheap
Yes I have tonnes of figures for games I will ever play (1 point) 

You have inflicted grievous bodily harm on a dice that has let you down
No. dice are quite hardy.
You blog or have a web-page about your Wargaming activities
Yes, I'm so lame  (1 point)

Your book collection is almost all war, wargames, Sci-Fi or Fantasy related
Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes, about 95% except for my Stephen King collection. (1 point)

You critique 'war' and 'fantasy' movies (especially Hollywood movies) for historical/gaming accuracy.
 Yes, from my historical re-enactment roots. My wife just rolls her eyes.  (1 point)

You spend car / train journeys checking out the lie of the land - considering which way you would attack from and whether it would make good wargaming terrain.
Definately for wrgaming terrain, especially forests. (1 point)

Total 39.5/48 (82% Wargamer)

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